Saturday, March 04, 2006


Right now my husband is watching a movie about Vampires on TNT. "TNT: We know drama!" From the little snippets I am hearing, it seems like a pretty weak sauce movie. In high school I was Mina in "Dracula." Dracula bit me, and thus I was also a blood-thirsty individual for a period of time. The stage blood was made out of cherry jello and some kind of sugar syrup. It tasted really good. My mom wouldn't let my little brother come watch the play, she was afraid my performance would disturb him. It's amazing what you will do for a lead in a high school production...


  1. What a cool HS production. I have never heard of a HS doing a vampire play. I bet it was fun.


  2. haha!! i wish i couldve seen
    "Katiedracula"...wouldve been great!!

  3. KATIE! i remember that. I asked mom and dad where they were going and they said that they were going to a play of yours. I said could i come and they were like "No Adults Only! Too gory and violent" and claire had to baby sit us lol fun times


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