Thursday, March 30, 2006

Slacker for a Day

I am not going to my classes today. I have two- Multicultural Education and World Literature and I am not going. I decided I was entitled to get actual sleep today. That is why when my alarm went off I told my husband "I am not going to class" and went back to sleep. I know this is very horrible, but I am justifying my decision so I don't feel too guilty. Here are the reasons why it is ok:

1) This is the first time I will have missed these classes all semester (quite an accomplishment I MUST say!)

2) If I didn't actually sleep today I would be falling asleep by the time I went to work this afternoon.

3) I am sick of school. School is all I do. I go to school, I go to work, I come home and do work that is due at school the next day. I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

4) It has been raining like crazy the past few days. Not pretty rain, but cold rain. That makes it very depressing to wait for the bus. My umbrella (keeping up with the umbrella conspiracy) is dysfunctional. The slightest gust of wind makes it turn inside out and then I have to use all my strength to realign it to protect me from the downpour. Not fun, and definitely a reason I didn't need to go to school today.

5) I haven't heard anything about the internship I applied for. I probably will not get it, which will mean I will have to keep working at the Telefund during the Spring and Summer...I don't know how much longer I can sound pleasant on the phone. I need time away from school to adjust to this.

6) Our apartment is a mess and we have people staying here this weekend, so it has to be clean by tomorrow. What better time to start cleaning than during class time???

Well, there are many more reasons, but that is basically it. I am still feeling slight guilt, but I'm sure I will get over it. After all, we have a TV now, season one of The Office on DVD, and there's a carton of chocolate icecream in our freezer just waiting to help me cope.


  1. I love The Office! I got the Brit DVDs from the library, and I enjoyed them, but at times a little too graphic. I got the American season 1 DVDs from Netflix and I didn't send them back for over a month. Then, when I did, I went and bought them. In my defense, they were on sale at Target for less than the Amazon price. There are extra scenes for ever episode and they are hilarious! My roommate and I are always quoting them. Did you see last night's episode? "Where were you? And don't say the bathroom because I kicked in all the stall doors."

  2. Scully,

    Actually, I've only seen the season one episodes. We bought them because they are so funny, but I work at night right now so I never get to see the new ones! We are planning to get season two when it comes out, lol. They are hysterical! I've heard the British ones are funny but that no one can beat Michael Scott.

  3. I've only been able to catch the second half of season 2, but from what I've read, the ones I missed are also hysterical. I'm seriously thinking of downloading the ones I've missed from iTunes. I love Michael Scott, but I also love Dwight. Hilarious. Have you watch the deleleted scenes yet? They end up being about 15 extra minutes for each episode. And they are the most quotable. Ok, this post is getting long. We will have to talk about them in person! I'm trying to get my mom hooked on them. I told her she has to watch my S1 DVDs when I'm home for Mime's wedding.

  4. Haven't watched all of the deleted scenes yet, but the ones I have watched are hysterical. OK, DWIGHT is my favorite too. Have you seen the hot girl episode? When he buys the purse/"mini briefcase"??? So FUNNY!

  5. I love the office lol it is so funny. Whoa katie i feel bad for u. I mean going to school and stuff


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