Monday, April 03, 2006

To Everything...Turn...Turn...Turn...

There is a season...Turn...Turn...Turn...and a time to every purpose...

Ok, so I've decided there is a time to be in Provo, and a time to move on...

I have sincerely enjoyed my time at BYU, I really have. It's a great school! I've grown in a lot of ways. I met the man of my dreams while going to school here. I lived in LONDON thanks to BYU Study Abroad. I've had some great professors. I've learned a lot. I truly believe I am a better person because of the opportunities I have had while attending this University.

Having said all of that, there are also several things about this school that severely annoy me. Living in a bubble is not something I would recommend for more than 4 years, and I am going to be in it for 5.

Today, after my friend Steph and I left our 2 o'clock class we both simultaneously burst into laughter and Steph voiced what both of us were thinking when she said "Katie...where do we go to school?" There were two girls playing some medieval rendition of something on recorders in the courtyard. There are just so many oddities like this that I encounter on a daily basis. I like original people. I like people that are different. People who are just plain weird scare me! There seems to be a high percentage of such people on our campus. I am ready to leave them behind.

If someone would like to fund a vacation so that I can escape this area for a brief time it would be greatly appreciated =-) I think Chad and I are going to try to take a little break before Spring Semester starts, depending on when my finals are scheduled. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this works out...if not, I may have a nervous breakdown.


  1. Katie if I had a million dollars I would give you some so you and chad could go and live in London. Then you could teach all the little British kids how to have proper grammer. Then every once and a while I would come and visit you. With my private jet. Last time I checked,I have no extra cash in my pocket. Well have fun on your spring break if you end up going somewhere.

  2. Katie, my roommate Parker refers to those BYU students as "Shakespearean Freaks" which seems appropriate. The BYU culture can totally bug after a while. And it isn't even the university itself, so much as all the people who come expecting it to be their vision of Zion. And expecting you to go along with that vision.

  3. J- Thanks for offering to help if you could =-) When Chad and I own our flat in London you can totally come visit!

    Scully- That's so true!

  4. Come to Seattle and visit us! Your cousin would love to see you (As would we!)

  5. Mark,

    We DEFINITELY want to come to Seattle sometime soon! We are trying to figure out a time in between semesters that we can come. We want to see little McKenna (and her parents of course)

  6. Katie after reading this lovely comment from you, I have to say, I agree with you AND you got that song stuck in my head!!! Haha!! all well, I still luv ya! :)


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