Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Tribute to the In-laws: My Thanks for Your Normalcy

This post is a tribute to my husband's family (now mine too) who I greatly love. As far as I can tell, they love me too which makes me very happy. Read on and you will see why I am feeling so thankful for them:

Last night my hubby and I were working in the apartment office and one of the other RA's came in and we started chatting. (As a side note I didn't know her that well before but now I think she's completely adorable and we are destined to be friends.) Anyway, in a round-about way the subject of our weddings came up. She told us that her in-laws a) tried to talk her into going on a mission instead of marrying their son and then b) refused to come to their wedding- not because they disapproved but because their kids were in school and they won't go to anything their kids can't also go to. I couldn't BELIEVE that! Apparently these parents have 5 children who are married and they've only been to two of the weddings. (I guess these were the only convenient ones?) I said, "It wouldn't matter if one of my mother-in-law's kids called the night before and said I'm eloping to Las Vegas...she would beat them to the altar!" I can't believe someone would miss their child's wedding. I mean, that is one of the biggest moments in your life. NOT to mention how RUDE it is to the other family. And HELLO- TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL! I'm sure my brothers-in-law still would have come to our wedding, even if it was during the school year. It's an important event they would want to share with their brother. (Plus, what kid can't miss a day or two of high school...come on now...I'm going to BE a teacher and I admit this.) PLUS, if you're utterly opposed to missing a day of public education, it's a little thing called a BABYSITTER! Hire someone to be with your kids and GO TO YOUR SON'S WEDDING! Anyway, I think these people are a little mixed up and strange. If Chad's parents had done things like that I think I would have been seriously concerned about marrying into such a family. So, after reflecting on how utterly strange these in-laws of my friend are, I decided I am thankful for the following things about my new family:

1) They GO to special events in eachother's lives (from soccer games to weddings)
2) They realize what things matter in life (i.e. a temple wedding vs. a day in high school)
3) When I met my in-laws for the first time they HUGGED me and weren't awkward AT ALL (and didn't sit me down to tell me to go on a mission)
4) They know how to have FUN and they let me join in!
5) They treat me like another daughter and make me feel loved and included
6) I would trust them with my children without thinking they would rub off on them in a bad way
7) They aren't strange

Thanks guys! I'm feeling REALLY appreciative =-)


  1. Mom Jensen9:37 PM

    You're right Katie... you are very lucky to have such wonderful in-laws! I love them too and feel blessed that my daughter has not only a fantastic husband, but a whole incredible new family!

  2. joylouisa3:38 PM

    grandma joy said..

    How right you are Katie. They, including your sweet husband made me feel one of the family, also. This is a great gift to be blessed with in-laws like this.

  3. Thanks for the sweet words Katie; we are so grateful to have you as part of our family. I finally got another wonderful daughter and I love it! Glad we passed your
    "normalcy" in-laws test!!

    Mom Reese


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