Friday, August 17, 2007

If Children Are the Future...Shouldn't We Invest Some More Money in Their Education???

Because I'm pretty sure giving a new teacher 36+ students per class, and only 30 desks might be a bad me crazy, but I think that asking students to take notes, read, write, etc. while sitting on the floor and counter tops might not be conducive to learning. Yet, that is exactly what I'm going to have to ask my students to do. Well, there is a possibility I will get chairs for the extra 6+ but not desks. And get this, the teacher I'm sharing a room with wants me to make sure "the chairs are blue so that they match the room." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Somebody shoot me, please.

On a more positive note, we have a home! It's in a perfect location, has tons of storage, is beautiful, and we are very happy. We have a psycho landlord, but I can deal. AND I have a carpool buddy, which is SO awesome, I can't even tell you!


  1. We have this problem in Payson too. The head of my English dept. suggested I give them a huge syllabus, not even for my class, with a reading list from he** and that I would lose enough students to have enough desks! Just an idea! :) Welcome to public ed in Utah!

  2. Katie! Congrats on getting a home!I'd love to see pictures :) That is such an exciting step--I can't wait until we figure out where we're spending the next four years so we can do the same thing! Good luck with your class!

  3. You are probably sooo busy with school just starting, but I would love to hear how you like teaching so far...


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