Friday, September 07, 2007

In Need of Advice

So, because my school has just changed the curriculum for 12th grade English, there is a shortage of options of what to teach. Some new novels have been ordered. One of my options is Persuasion by Jane Austen. In all honesty, I've never read it. (I know, I know, don't judge me too harshly.) Teaching this intrigues me more than teaching Great Expectations, but I was wondering if anyone who's read it could offer me some feedback. Do you think I could actually get high school seniors (particularly the boys) interested? I taught Pride and Prejudice in my student teaching and I think I pulled it off...not with flying colors, but I focused a lot on communication between men and women (an issue any high school socialite relates to), personality types, and literature and film. If you have any thoughts, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to outline my units for the year and am trying to decide what to do! Thanks in advance for any comments you might offer.


  1. Hey Katie! I can't believe you have to teach that stuff! I prefer tthe 7th/8th grade level. haha. shows my maturity. I like Great Expectations! Good to hear/read that you're doing well!

    -Jennifer (Heyman) Ray

  2. Hmmm, I think you might lose kids on Great Expectations, Dickens is a hard one with all of his descriptions ect. but I am certainly not an expert after only one year of teaching! I think you could pull of Persuasion. It is my favorite out of all of Austen's books I think. The movie is good but would be boring for the kids I think, maybe not...but I'd go for it! Its shorter than P&P and a pretty quick read I think. Did they change 12th to just Brit lit?

  3. I think you could pull off Persuasion. For the boys, you could focus on the British Navy, about how it could make men rich etc. Also, Persuasion is about regret and loss and seeing people for who they really are, not for how the present themselves. There is also the angle of snobbery - why are your friends your friends, becuase they are rich and powerful, or because you actually like them. Anyway, slightly incoherent response, but Persuasion is definitely my fav Austen. It is more mature.

  4. Ok, thanks for the comments. I'm going to read it and then decide. There is an option of just buying copies of P&P and using my unit from last year. The only thing is, it will cost almost $200 of my legislative money to do so. Anyway, I'll let you know what I decide =-)

  5. I have thought about getting books on my teacher money too, but $200 is such a chunk!

  6. First off I am so glad you commented on my blog because now I have another fun blog to read. You are a great writer. I have enjoyed reading back through your posts.

    Second, Persuasion is one of my favorites. I love Pride and Prejudice but Persuasion is my number one out of Austen novels. I am sure you can make it work. It is an easier read than Great Expectations although that one is good also. hard. sorry that was no help! Just rammbling.


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