Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm No Teacher of the Year

So. Today I had tres estudiantes ask me what they can do to pass my class first term. My response: the term ended on Friday. Today is now Tuesday. My grades were downloaded at 7:30 this morning. What can you do to pass first term? Absolutely nothing at this point. You can, however, start COMING to class, DOING the work, and STOP MAKING EXCUSES for yourself. I love my students, but bless their little hearts, I wonder what is going through their young minds sometimes.

Best moment of the day, though, had to have been when a parent raved for 10 minutes about her son's last English teacher. She, apparently, could make her son work. She would stay at the school until 7 or 8 every night. She would even come in on Saturdays if students needed additional help. He would work with her EVERY day at lunch...she was just THAT good.

Well, guess what, lady? I'M NOT GOING TO DO THAT! Will I be a good teacher? Yes! Will I continue to ask your son EVERY FREAKING DAY if he needs help on his assignment, if he will wake up and start working, if he's going to bring a book to class next time? YES! Will I keep attempting to make English fun and interesting, sometimes with no reward but continual whining? YES! Will I pretend that my whole existence revolves around adolescent English students? NO! Because, you see, it simply doesn't.

I, unlike Mrs. What's-her-name-Junior-high-educator-aspiring-to-be-teacher-of-the-year, HAVE A LIFE! And, frankly, I'm OK with that. Do I get paid for all the countless hours outside of school I spend lesson planning? Um....last time I checked, my bank account says no. Do I get paid for all the countless hours I spend outside of school meticulously grading horribly written papers and offering suggestions for improvement? Um...again, I'm pretty sure that's a negative. So, please forgive me if I'm not begging for the opportunity to meet up with your dear little boy on Saturday afternoons. I'm available before and after school, but so far, he hasn't seemed to feel the need to stop by.

I might not be teacher of the year, but I do work hard to be a decent teacher. I think, sometimes, that deserves some appreciation.


  1. Bless their little hearts. :)

    I'm sure you're a fabulous teacher! And I'm glad you have a life.

  2. you seem kinda aggravated... am I getting the right vibe from you? hahaha
    POOR KATIE!!!!
    I appreciate all you do. I even cook dinner for you sometimes. Sorry I can't pay you for all the hours you spend being a good sister. Maybe someday though when I am rich and famous. :)

  3. AMEN SISTER!!! I had kids come to me for the same thing during student teaching and I just told them too bad! You just want to hit their forehead and say, "What the heck did you think was gonna happen?" I am sometimes considered a mean teacher but if you ask all the students I had that made an attempt to do the small amounts of work I gave I was honestly one of their faves! Some kids are just flat out lazy...I mean unmotivated...I fully understand and support you. Sorry kinda long but you opened a can of worms!

  4. A very lovely ML science teacher I know got cookies and a Christmas card from one student in which the parent wrote all about how she was failing the student. Nice, no? And I think both she and you are amazing, teacher-of-the-year candidates. It isn't your fault the students have parents that trained them to feel so entitled.

  5. Jared-lil jay5:45 PM

    Haha we are stupid im telling you. I'm glad mom doesnt go dissing on my teachers though saying how good my old teachers were... Im sorry kate!

  6. Amen to everything, and yeah, heard it from the parents myself. I was sooo tempted the other day to say to a parent, I have 170 students, and your student is at the very bottom of my pile. Does my life revolve around your student. He** no. LOL. I feel your pain!


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