Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cutest Puppy Alive!

As most of you know, I am not a cat person. I am not a bird person, nor am I a dog person. Animals are not really my number one love in life. I never thought I would own a dog until I met Bailey, Chad's family's sweet Golden Retriever. She was such a good dog that I started to think we could have a family pet someday, provided it was just like Bailey. The only problem is, when you buy a puppy I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with a warranty that says, "You only have to keep this if it acts just like Bailey . . ."

I know Chad really, really wants a dog, so I've been trying to keep an open mind. Lately we've been researching different breeds just for fun. So, despite my life-long pledge of never having a dog in my house, this puppy, has won my heart and convinced me otherwise. It's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I have fallen so in love with these that Chad and I spent last night Googling puppy names and deciding what we are going to name our little baby when we buy her. You can't tell me that after watching this you are not also dreaming of owning one!

I know what you're thinking. "Cute puppy. . . but it's a puppy . . . all puppies are cute . . . and all puppies grow up." Well, I'm one step ahead of you, kids. They're cute when they GROW UP, TOO!

Here's a Welsh Corgi a little bit older, and one all grown up:


  1. I did not fall in love, but my sweet little Cambree did!!! She LOVES doggies! Are you seriously going all the way and getting an indoor dog? I am not an animal lover myself, but I will do the dog OUTSIDE!!! luckily David isn't a fan of indoor dogs either! he/she was cute though!

  2. It would be an indoor dog in the sense that it would only be allowed to go certain areas in the house (this is what Chad's family did with their dog; Bailey knew she could be in the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room, or outside). That way there's not animal hair ALL OVER THE PLACE!

  3. I. am. in. love.

    But NO inside dogs for me.
    I did it once.
    Dogs and Kitchen should not be spoken in the same sentence.
    That is only my opinion.

    I am anxious to hear your cute share.

  4. You and Queen Elizabeth II. She loves her Corgis too.

  5. I am in the same boat with Jon... and i must say I did kinda fall in love with that little dog. I'm really trying to delay the dog purchase as long as possible. Let me know how it goes!

  6. I LOVE Corgis! You picked a good dog to fall in love with!

  7. Anonymous1:44 PM

    For those who thought that a dog in the kitchen is wrong, it was because the rooms mentioned by Katie have hardwood floors and can be cleaned.
    Our dog, Bailey, started outside, then to the garage and finally to the utility room on the coldest of nights. That gradually became the next room (kitchen), then the next one (den) and the dining room became her place of quiet of rest from the rest of the family noise.
    Again, I say if you want a dog, wait until you have a place of your own.
    Dad R

  8. I don't do dogs either, but a guy I've been hanging out with loves them.... But those dogs look cute!

  9. Katie, I really am not a dog person either but that puppy was so cute! I loved it's cute little floppy ear! :)

  10. LandySunshine12:52 PM

    I totally agree!! This dog is adorable...I think I have fallen in love. I can't believe how cute dogs are, though I have been watching cute dog videos all day...


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