Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sick of Moving

After spending the weekend helping my parents move, we have now begun to pack up the massive amount of stuff that belongs to us. My house is in utter disarray which doesn't go so well with my slightly OCD personality. The sight of stacks of cardboard boxes gracing my living room makes me want to vomit. So far I have almost all of the office packed, all of the winter clothes, all of the books, all of the DVDs, and some other stuff. That's really not much, which is depressing, because it's taken all day.

We've sold a few things on Craig's List today which is exciting. We don't have to move the entertainment center now, and we're holding our computer for someone to come get tomorrow morning.

We're planning to pack the U-Haul on Monday evening and take off bright and early on Tuesday morning. I am having a hard time being excited about driving a seventeen-foot truck pulling a trailer (which I have already had night terrors about).


  1. I feel for ya girl! We rented a Budget truck and hitched our Honda to the back when we drove from UT to CA. I was so tense the entire drive, but everything worked out okay! Good luck and drive safely!

  2. Wow, sounds serious!! Good luck with the long drive!! We've never done the moving van thing, but I dread it too. I totally feel for you when it comes to the disarray of moving. I hate that feeling.

  3. No photos of all the chaos and disarray?
    I. am. so. disappointed.
    Good luck on the move.
    Where are you going?
    I haven't heard the final destination plans yet.
    Is it a secret location?
    I have ruled out London because that would require a boat.
    I hope it is closer to us.
    *fingers crossed!


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