Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eight - Gondola in Venice . . . and Venice in General

When I thought about myself being in Italy, I always envisioned a gondola ride as part of the picture. Luckily, so did my father-in-law, who made it possible for each of us to ride one. We took two boats. Bruce, Joy, Lauren, and Tyler went in the first one with their gondolier, Fabio (he didn't have any golden, flowing hair, unfortunately - that would have made for a lot of laughs and some great pictures). Meredith, Adam, Cameron, Chad, and I went in the second boat with our gondolier, Eric.

Gondolier Turning the Corner by Chad Reese

Gondolas in a Row by Chad Reese

It was a beautiful evening and we got to see a completely different side of Venice. Eric did sing for us a bit, and whistled a tad, but no opera numbers. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of us ON our gondola ride, but they're all on other people's cameras, and I haven't uploaded everyone's pictures to our computer yet.

Venice is a very romantic and beautiful city. It was one of those places where every corner you turned you saw something more breathtaking than before. It's amazing to think how old all of the buildings are, and yet they're still standing! I loved all the winding little streets and the flower boxes in the windows. It was charming.

The Grand Canal by Chad Reese

Us in Front of San Marco by Dad Reese

Us in Front of the Rialto Bridge by Dad Reese


  1. Beautiful pictures! It makes me want to go to Venice even more! Every time we go to Italy we plan on going to Venice and never make it. I have to go next time.

  2. I. must. go. to. Italy. now.

    I am so glad you all had such a magical trip.
    Sounds amazing.
    Chad's photograpy is amazing as well.

  3. I am loving all the trip details... keep em coming!

  4. Really amazing photos!

  5. You got some gorgeous shots!

  6. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Oh my! Those pictures are all so beautiful!!! They look like something in a catalog!
    Dave and I will make it to Italy some day :)


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