Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five, Four, Three, Two, ONE!!!

OK. Clearly the Italian vacation posts have dragged on way too long. I most definitely bit off more than I could chew, was overwhelmed, and therefore ceased blogging. My sincerest apologies. So. Here come the remaining five moments in my top ten:

Five - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

We stayed at the mission home while in Rome and got to attend Church while we were there as well. I love that no matter where you go, the church is always the same. Even though the language was different, the Spirit was still there. It was also amazing to see the faith of the Saints there and to hear so many neat missionary experiences. The Church is true, enough said!

Four - Nemi

We spent Sunday afternoon here and fell in love. It was so picturesque and was exactly what I pictured Italy like in my mind every time I dreamed about going there. It was beautiful and I loved it. It was an especially nice escape and change from the busy streets of Rome we had been exploring the days before we went there.

Three - Pisa

We took a day trip here and it was delightful. The baptistry was cool because the acoustics were amazing. They did a demonstration where this man harmonized with himself to prove how cool they were. I was impressed. The leaning tower? Well, it was leaning, and pretty cool to see in person.

Two - The Coliseum

From our first look at the Coliseum lit up at night, to actually exploring the ruins on foot, this structure was amazing. One of my favorite sites on the trip!

One - The Cathedrals

From the Duomo in Florence to St. Peters Basilica and the Pantheon in Rome, each of the churches we visited was beautiful.

So. Nothing about the Trevi Fountain. Nothing about the crazy, African purse men who I adored for bringing Prada into my life. Nothing about McDonalds, and how it is the salvation of the ice-starved American on the most sweltering vacation of her life. Nothing about the Trateria with the waitress from Texas who sounded like she'd grown up in Italy her entire life. Sad. But at least you got a glimpse of our experiences.

I hope I haven't lost too many readers while my blogs have been excessively boring and travelogue-ish. Forgive and forget, if you will.


  1. Beautiful pictures. It looks like it was so much fun.

  2. Fun! We stayed at the mission home in Rome on our honeymoon. It was nice to have that little haven. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you had such a good trip!

  3. They weren't boring at all!!! What a great experience for you all! And, you have to love the people who bring Prada into your life!! :-)

  4. Dragged on?
    Are you kidding me?
    I have felt like I was on a trip to Italy myself.
    Gondola rides, Concerts in the park, Fabulous art, historic sites, Prada, and Gelato.
    What is not to love?
    Thanks so much for sharing your magical trip.
    Now I am ready to go cross the pond!

  5. Yeah I agree never was I bored with your posts or felt like they dragged on. . . . you're silly!

    I sent you an email last week when you asked me too, but I couldn't remember if your email had changed? I remember having this conversation before but I don't remember the outcome. I sent it to your xtradramatic account. . . .do you no longer use that?

  6. Oh you just make me want to go back! Yeah NYC's got nothing on London but the USA does the best it can :)

  7. Hey, I bet you met Mark's mission president there in Rome if you stayed at the mission home. HE loved it there and still talks about how much better the food was. Maybe some day he'll take us back there!

  8. Anonymous8:18 PM

    It looks like an amazing trip..and I love the ones of all of you together!!!!

  9. I'm so jealous you guys got to go to Italy! Looks like fun! Are you guys still in provo? I'm finding all these blogs tonight!
    Andrea Nate

  10. Anonymous5:24 AM

    This could be a great episode for the Travel Channel. Seriously, those pictures are amazing and you both are so photogenic (which I am so NOT).

    See you later! Glad you're in Primary! Lauren's excited as well but she turns 12 in February so that's not very far away.


  11. Loved the duomo in Florence, and there was no way on this earth to capture its sature and amazing-ness in one photo! It was sooo huge! :D


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