Friday, June 05, 2009

Because We Value Your Advice. . .

Well, 64% of you voted that we should, indeed, purchase a puppy. And of course, we couldn't disappoint you, readers, so we went right out and bought her.

OK. So, in actuality, much as we love you, you weren't really going to make this decision for us. See, it's great that you want us to buy a dog, but you're not the ones who are going to be paying for her, or picking up her poop, or buying me a new pair of shoes when she decides to devour my turquoise heels. Which is why, even though 64% of you were in favor of the puppy, we are still without puppy at chez Reese.

We wanted her. We did. But, the more we started thinking about it, the more we realized that the timing just isn't right. With me not working all summer, which translates to no money all summer, adding the expense of a dog while we try to replenish our saving account (something that's not looking as smashing as it once did after renovating our money pit), just isn't going to be the wisest idea. So. Don't fear, 64%, eventually we will add a puppy dish to our family, but for now we are puppy-less. Plus, we're kind of leaning towards a male puppy, after doing a bit more research about the breed which suggests the females have a bit of a diva/stubborn streak that the boys don't. So, come fall we shall see.

Since I know you are now terribly sad because there are no puppy picture updates to satisfy you, I've got a bit of a consolation prize. Go make yourself one of these:

It's called a pizzookie and you can find the recipe here.

My sister, Lauren, and I made these last night when I realized that the end of the school year is upon me and I have no grading to do at night. This means I can do irresponsible things that I only dream of doing during the actual school year (like make ridiculously rich desserts and watch a chick flick instead of grading or going to bed early).

After consuming one of these bad boys (Oh, who am I fooling? It was more like two due to portion size!) I'm pretty sure my blood sugar jumped a tad bit. In fact, I think I might now be a diabetic.

I made the hot fudge recipe that comes with it, but we used store bought vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

So there you go, chums, go mourn the loss of future puppy posts and tantalize your taste buds with this exceptionally yummy snack.


  1. oh wow, that looks amazing! I must make one this weekend :) (If only I had cute dishes like that to make it in...) I'm happy your turquoise heels are still intact, they sound cute.

  2. Way to not give into the peer pressure! (can you tell I was against it?) ha. The pizookie looks SO GOOD. Hmmm, I just might have to go and make one. love your blog. and the "dish" I think it's starting to make its influence on me. :)

  3. Well, I voted for the dog,but, not necessarily now. Go for it when you're really ready! Of course, you might like to consider a small kitten to give your small puppy a playmate. That dessert will probably give me a heart attack, but what a way to go. Love

  4. I'm glad that you are waiting for the dog! Like I said before I really do love Rusty, but he is always there! He is the kind of dog that thinks with his stomach. That means lots of begging and I hate that!!! You will know when the time is right.

  5. YAY! For the end of the school year.

  6. So Stuart and I are trying to pick a wedding date. I remember you saying something about you being in Utah the end of July. Some of his family can make it if we get married the first weekend in August and I was wondring if maybe you would be able to make it to the wedding if we did it then. I would love to have you there, I really hope you can.


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