Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1st and What that Means

Today is September 1st.

That means August is officially over.

That means fall, my favorite season, is just around the corner.

That means the leaves will start to change, then drop from the trees, and my entire world will be painted in oranges, reds, and yellows.  Oh, how I love earth-toned colors.

That means all the autumn scented Yankee candles I smelled at Hallmark's anniversary celebration last week will have a welcome spot in my living room.  Or my kitchen.  Or my bedroom.

That means I can break out the fall decorations and cover the mantle in garland and put a fall wreath on my door.

That means that Kade can sport a sweater vest, and I can wear a scarf on our daily jaunt about the neighborhood.

That means I can lift the windows and enjoy a beautiful Carolina breeze, instead of paying $500+ a month to air condition my house.  (The fall always reminds me why I love living in North Carolina, just when the summer had tried to convince me otherwise.)

That means I can sit in my sun room, curled up with a book or a magazine again.

That means I can make SOUP.  Oh, how I love a bowl of soup.  But soup, my friends, belongs nowhere near me when it is summer.  Soup is to be savored in the fall.  And fall is almost here!

And, as a reminder of just how awesome fall really is, here are a couple photos from our fall vacation to the Blue Ridge Parkway last October:

Oh, Fall, My Love, please grace us with your presence! 


  1. $500 a month? Are you serious? And I hate soup. But I like you, and LOVE Kaden. He is too cute.

  2. You almost make fall sound like a good thing to me. Not quite though, I definitely love summer. Cool pictures from the parkway, I love driving that route in the fall.

  3. FALL! i love it. the only thing i don't love about fall is that it means winter. of course, maybe in north carolina that's not a bad thing (i loved winter in texas).

  4. I can't wait for fall either, Katie. I love the fall here in NC and usually winter and spring too. Summer has been a beast, and I'm ready for it to be gone. I'd love some soup too, but not for a few more weeks- when it's really "chilly" outside. Give Kaden a kiss for me. I haven't had my daily "fix".


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