Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kaden, 14 Months

I just realized, after writing my depressing post about my day at school, that Kadester is 14 months old today.  So, to make myself feel better, I am going to post adorable pictures of my child and write about all of the precious things he is currently doing.

At 14 months old, Kaden . . .
  • Is talking!  Is it terrible that I'm not sure what his first word was?  I'm really not sure what his first word was.  In retrospect, I'm pretty sure he was saying some words long before we realized he was saying words if that makes any sense . . . Regardless, some of the words Kaden currently says are Dada, Mama, nana (meaning banana), cheese (He has woken up in the morning screaming this one.  That's how much he loves string cheese!), shoe, dog, duck (and quack), fish, bye-bye, this (Meaning, what is this? or I want this.  He always says this as he points at things.), guck (meaning yuck), truck, tree, Gigi, and roars like a lion when asked "What does a lion say?" (We are getting ready for Halloween.)  He tries to say Tip-Top (the name of his stuffed giraffe).  He has said blue and green, but he doesn't use these that frequently.  In addition, he wanders around the house speaking in some language that we cannot understand.
  • Loves to talk on the phone.  He holds the phone up to his ear and wanders around the house babbling away in his foreign tongue.  The best part of this is he has to be walking around to talk.  One day he was in his high chair and he kept pointing at my cellphone.  He had a melt down until I took him out of the chair so he could run around the house while he talked.
  • Loves, loves, LOVES to be outside and has a meltdown at the back door when he can't go outside and wants to. 
  • Loves watching cars and trucks.  Since the hurricane, there have been lots of extra dump trucks, waste trucks, and backhoes roaming the streets of Kinston, and he can't get enough of them.  He is pure boy.  We went to a yard sale on Saturday and they were selling a go-cart.  Kaden immediately climbed right into the driver's seat. 
  • Loves spending time with our neighbors, the Howards.  Kaden is in love with Stephanie and her kids.  They steal him to go on lots of walks, to feed the fish in a friend's pond, and to jump on the trampoline.  
  • Loves animals.  He is infatuated with the dog, Ginger, that our neighbors watch.  He also likes to pet the dogs next door through the fence.  He is enamored with the YouTube video of the Welsh Corgi puppy.  It doesn't matter how sad he is, all you have to do is turn on that video, and he breaks into a HUGE grin.   
  • Loves to kick and throw whatever resembles a ball.
  • Is obsessed with shoes.  He carries them all over the house.  I am constantly looking for one of my shoes.
  • Throws things away.  All the time.  This is a dangerous one.  We have found the remote control in the trashcan before.  In keeping with his shoe obsession, I find at least one of my shoes in the trashcan daily.  Lucky are the days when we find things in a fresh, unsoiled garbage bag.  Unlucky are the days when it's the opposite.  

  • Has figured out how to lift the toilet seat and throw things into the toilet bowl.  This is a fun one.  We have sanitized a few items in boiling water due to this discovery.  He hasn't figured out how to flush...yet.  
  • Is trying to learn to jump, but can't figure it out yet.  This is hilarious to watch.  
  • Can climb up onto furniture and get down by crawling backwards.  
  • Likes to smell things, especially candles.  On our walk the other day, he spent a good chunk of time smelling the flowers.
  • Loves to wrestle and rough house with Daddy. 
  • Loves to read books by himself and loves to be read to. (This is one of the few times he'll sit still on your lap.)
  • Helps do chores around the house.  He will help me put the wet laundry into the dryer (and run away with wet onesies that I have to collect later), and he will wipe up the floor if he spills milk or juice from his sippy cup. 
  • Now has six teeth.  The two newest just popped through.  
  • Still considers Tip Top to be his best buddy.  He loves that stuffed giraffe.  It is precious watching him give Tip Top loves.  

  • Has had his first haircut and now looks like a little boy instead of a baby.  (A longer post with video and up-to-date pictures to follow.)

I love this little guy with all of my heart!


  1. What a blondie all of a sudden! He is just kissable.

    Teenagers just make me sad. So so sad. It makes me even sadder that my children have be them someday. I tell myself there can be good teenagers... I am sorry they made you sad too!

  2. Such a cutie. I love his hair!!
    Aren't toddlers crazy active?! So fun though.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    So cute....I miss him so much!
    Grandma Jensen

  4. Is Kaden going to be a lion for Halloween? So is Logan! I can't wait to see the pictures. Also, about throwing things away, Jake had a habit of that too, or just plain hiding things. Once I found my keys in the bottom drawer in my kitchen inside of a ziploc bag. I searched all day for those.

  5. I laughed through this whole post! I'm convinced Kaden and Ryan would have such a blast playing with the neighborhood animals, watching dog videos on youtube (our favorite is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jTzMAN6on0), carrying around our shoes, throwing things in the garbage, and helping us with chores. Being a mom is definitely entertaining. Oh, and you already know this, but Kaden is a stud! Seriously, what a handsome little guy!

  6. Holy cow he's a grown-up! I haven't looked at your blog in a long time and was still expecting to see a baby. He is, of course, adorable.
    Also, that story about your lame-o student was awful! It is so disheartening to see how disrespectful kids are..ew...teenagers are just so immature and they think they know everything!

  7. Lol, I remember when my third boy went through a thing of 'throwing things away', we also realised our remote control had gone out in the trash once... and into the rubbish truck never to be seen again. Had to buy a new one. :/
    One time my Hubby was planning to go out and couldn't find his car keys in the usual place. We searched the whole house, getting more and more frantic and grumpy, even dug through the rubbish bin.
    ...the keys were in the bottom of the spa pool! :/


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