Monday, May 19, 2014

Kaden-isms at 3 Years and 9 Months Old

I can't believe that this little guy is going to be turning four in just a few short months.

He is such a clever, funny, spitfire of a little boy.

I sure love being his mommy.  Here are some great things Kaden has said and done lately:

-He gets so upset when I do "Patty Cake" with Everett, and insists we say, "Slide it in the oven," instead of "Throw it in the oven."  He has adamantly pointed out that if we throw something in the oven, it's going to make a huge mess!  Touche, Kaden, touche.

-He has his own unique set of "Ring Around the Rosie" lyrics.  I'm not exactly sure what he says, but it's something like, "Ring around the rosie, a cot, a pot, a cozy."  Super cute.

-We are doing a reward system using marbles in a jar.  Kaden earns marbles for doing chores, behaving exceptionally well in the grocery store, being a good helper, being extra kind, etc.  Basically, anytime we want to give him a marble, he gets one.  He can also lose marbles from his jar for making poor choices.  He gets to choose the prize for when his jar is full.  Last time he filled his jar, he chose to go to Chick-fil-A, with the specification that he would get to play in the play place.  It was a huge hit.  This time, he is trying to earn a visit to Monkey Joe's, the place packed with bounce houses and high pitched screamers.  He's excited.

-We have now finished three chapter books together:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, My Father's Dragon, and Charlotte's Web.  We just started The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  I have really enjoyed doing this with him, and I think it's helping his reading comprehension, too.  I was super impressed that he was able to remember enough to point out the differences between the book and the film version of Charlie, without being prompted to do so.  (Also, as a funny side story, we were at Sam's Club when a rather large woman walked by our car.  Kaden, excitedly said, "Look, Mommy!  Augustus Gloop!"  He was disappointed to find out it was not the character from the story.)  Finishing up Charlotte's Web has definitely sparked some interesting questions about life and death.  When I told Kaden I was thirty years old today, he looked at me with a completely serious face and asked, "How many years until you die, then?"  When I explained that I didn't know, but hopefully not for a very, very long time, since I still had to help him and Everett grow up, he said, "Here is the plan, Mom.  You get really old, get lots of gray hairs, and then you die.  And then you get to meet Jesus, OK?"

-It's been fun to watch Kaden become more social.  I love seeing him interact with his friends, especially when they aren't wrestling and trying to cause each other bodily harm.  We were at the park a couple of weeks ago, and he struck up a game of hide and seek with a new friend he had met five minutes before.  It seems like something so small, but I still remember him screaming when there were other kids on the jungle gym when he was two, so it kind of made my heart swell with pride.

-Anytime we see anyone without a helmet riding a bike, motorcycle, scooter, etc., he freaks out and points out that they aren't being safe.

-He makes sure to distinguish between his real and imaginary friends in conversation.  The other day, he was telling me a story that started out, "My real friend, Liam, that you can see . . . "

-He often uses the phrase, "More better," and I try not to let it sting too badly, since he is still a preschooler.

-Has his own sense of style.  The times when he combs his own hair, it is usually styled quite interestingly. And he is always quick to point out that, "See, Mom, my hair looks super cool!"  It's almost scary how much he is already concerned about things like this.  We recently busted out all of the 4T clothes for the summer, and some of them are a little big on him.  I put out an outfit for him, and while he was getting dressed, I started to get ready.  He came into my bathroom with a disgusted look on his face and said, "Mom, this shirt goes down to my knees!  I do NOT even look cute in this."

-Often says, "You are going to be so impressed by this!" before telling us something he has done.  And he's usually right.  I'm usually impressed.

-He will say, "Look at this sweet precious!" when showing me a picture of him with Everett.

-When we're out driving around, he often says, "Look at that house!  Oooooo, that one's so beautiful! Wouldn't you just LOVE to live HERE, Mommy?"  Someone's been on too many Zillow app driving trips with Mom and Dad.

-He was pretending to be a kitten the other night and jumped on top of me.  When I said, "Ow, Kaden, that hurt!" his response was, "Well, kittens are rough."

-He has picked up a few less than nice words from Mommy and Daddy.  The other day, Chad was putting his clothes away, and Kaden said, "Good!  You've been needing to clean up your crap for three days!"

-He has some serious teenage angst moments, when he tells us things like, "Don't talk to me!"  or "Just stop talking!"  So not adorable, or cute, or even tolerable.  But he can give a pretty charming, heartfelt apology afterwards that makes it easier to forget.

-He went on his first overnight camping trip with Daddy and had a great time.

-He has memorized the first eight Articles of Faith, passed them off in Primary, and is working on memorizing the ninth.

-He can write his name on his own in capital letters and is showing a lot more interest in writing, period.  He's written some short messages with my help for Gigi, Grandma, etc.  He's also getting really good at guessing how short words are spelled, and recognizing the sounds of letters in words, especially consonant sounds.

-After attending the opening pool party for our neighborhood, I think we've got a lot of swimming in our future this summer.  The water was freezing, the night was breezy, and he still jumped right in!

-He continues to be the best big brother Everett could ever ask for.  I have to remind him to be gentle at times, but that is mostly because he wants to include Everett in everything he does, no matter how intense and rowdy the activity.

There is nothing like a sweet hug from my Kaden Bug.  I love the moments during the day when he calls out, "Mommy?" and when I yell, "Yes, Kaden?" he yells right back, "I love you!"  Being his mom is a pretty great job.    

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  1. This kid is way too cute!!! And I am not prejudice at all...


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