Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Best Folks in the World Shop at Aldi

I kid you not.

I would like to highlight two recent experiences that prove this is 110% correct.  

A few weeks ago, I went on a HUGE grocery shopping trip to Aldi.  The kind where I have to stock up on everything, because the only thing left in the refrigerator are condiments and salad dressing bottles.  On this particular occasion, I had a grocery list that covered the front AND back of a piece of paper.  It was semi-ridiculous that I had waited that long to go to the store, but I digress.  The point is I was in the store for probably close to a solid hour, entertaining two kiddos with yogurt melts, plastic keys, and funny faces.

Well, when I got to the front of the store to check out, I realized it was raining outside.  Scratch that.  It wasn't raining.  It was pouring.  That's the thing about North Carolina weather.  It can get tricky.  One minute it can be bright and sunny, the next second it can be overcast, and in less time than it takes one to say, "I don't have an umbrella," sheets of rain just start dumping from the heavens.

The situation was bleak, but realizing we had depleted the yogurt melt supply, and that the funny face technique was wearing off, I had no choice but to go ahead and pay for our groceries.  I made my way to the door (trying to create a make-shift rain shelter for at least Everett out of his shopping cart seat cover on the way), and the nicest man in the world followed me and offered to walk us to our car with his umbrella. Seriously.  It kind of made my entire day.  And then he held the umbrella for us, while I put my kids in their car seats, so I wouldn't get soaking wet.  He told me he saw us, thought about his wife and kids, and hoped someone would offer to do the same for her, if she was ever in the same pickle.  Well, Mr. Nicest Man in the World, I hope someone does.

Fast forward to my most recent grocery trip to Aldi. This time I was only running in to get a few mountain loads of sugar ingredients for the strawberry freezer jam I was going to be making that day.  But Aldi always has these amazing random things hanging out in the middle of the store, and this time they happened to have Little Tikes' picnic tables.  The kind with the cute shade umbrella.  And I thought, "This would be a perfect birthday gift for Everett from his Gigi and Poppy."  So I called Gigi, and asked her what she thought.  She concurred, and told me to go ahead and buy it, in case they disappeared before she could get her own paws on one.  So I ended up with this gigantic box that I had to put in the back of my car when we left.  This wouldn't be a problem, except I had forgotten that the gigantic jogging stroller was already in there, from our previous night's strawberry picking adventure (thus the strawberry jam making on the agenda).  As I struggled to maneuver the huge box into my car, two of the sweetest ladies in the world came over and helped me lift and wiggle the monstrosity until it fit.  It was so kind, and I appreciated it so much.

I think we can learn a couple of valuable lessons here.  First of all, I stumbled upon these thoughts while perusing Pinterest recently, and I absolutely love both of them:


I doubt that either of the folks who helped me while I was shopping at Aldi thought they were doing something huge or miraculous, but their actions not only helped that singular moment in my day go more smoothly, they also affected the tone of the entire rest of my day.  Imagine if we all were a little more conscious of others around us.  If we were all a little kinder.  A little more helpful.  A little more sincere.

And secondly, and perhaps the most important lesson of all is this:  when you want cheap groceries, go to Aldi.  Avoid Walmart at all costs.

The end.

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  1. this made me tear up! love these kind people.


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