Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Day of Joy School

I can't believe it, but our year of Joy School has come to an end.

We had a fun little party for the kids to celebrate the year.

Jamie made this giant water blog for the kids to jump around on.  They had a blast and then had even more fun trying to pop it on purpose.

We played with water balloons (and the amazing dollar store water soakers that were previously such a hit).

Then we had an award ceremony and presented each student with a special award.  Ashlee made these adorable candy medals for each kiddo.  Kaden was named, "Best Cleaner-Upper."  He really is the world's best cleaner-upper.

Then we lined the kids up and tried to recreate this photo that we took on the first day of Joy School back in September.

We had the best time doing Joy School with this group of friends.  I already miss it!  Kaden is very excited to go to "real preschool" in the fall, and I know he's going to love that just as much.

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