Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tourists in the Metropolis of Kinston

Now that we have two kids, going to visit Kinston for a weekend definitely feels like a getaway.  There are other people excited and willing to help entertain our kids, there is always a phenomenal menu planned (on which we can gorge ourselves), and it's always fun to see family and friends.  Going for a three day weekend is even more luxurious.  We spent Memorial Weekend in K-town with Chad's family and were the ultimate Kinston tourists.

On Friday night, after the kids were down, we took advantage of free babysitting and paid a return visit to the Boiler Room with Cameron.  The second visit confirmed what I already proclaimed after my first eating experience:  Hands down, the best burgers I have ever eaten.

This is me, looking a bit guilty.  I've been doing Insanity daily with Shaun T., and I'm pretty sure he doesn't approve of a side dish that is fried in grease, and then dipped in some kind of delectable, liquefied lard before you eat it.  I don't like mayonnaise, but I think I could drink the kitchen sink mayonnaise they give you to dip your fries in at The Boiler Room.  Really.  I could probably drink a quart of it.  I kid you not.

Cameron went for it and ordered "The Bensanity" burger.  It was beastly.

On Saturday, Chad went golfing with his dad in the morning, and then Joy, Cameron, the kids, and I joined them for some extra holes after Everett's morning snooze.

Bruce, in maintaining his status as best father in law in the world, cut down one of his old putters and re-gripped it, so Kaden could have one just his size to practice with.  Kade was beyond excited!  Here he is practicing his swing:

The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was the perfect morning to be outside.

Kaden loved controlling the gas pedal on the golf cart, and after steering for him a couple of times, it is clear that my nerves will not be able to handle teaching him to drive when he's a teenager.  It was terrifying, I tell you.  Terrifying.  

Then, we headed to the pool for a nice, refreshing dip:

On Sunday, we partied at church with our old ward family, whom we love and adore.  Here is Everett, meeting baby Taylor, who is just as pretty in person as she is in these photos:

Which is probably why he wanted to make a move with a bit of hand holding pretty early in the game.

After church, Kaden got to go play with our former neighbors and best buddies, The Howards, in their amazing backyard.  Someday, I want a backyard just like theirs, but that will never happen, because I'm not as awesome as Stephanie, and she is the lady that makes it so fantastic.

Here, they are showing him the baby birds who hatched in one of their bird houses:

Then, it was time for a delicious steak dinner, followed by homemade chocolate gelato for dessert.

And all the folks there conceded that it was delicious, but kept voicing how "rich" it was, and that you only needed a "little bit."  I know you'll find this shocking, but this didn't prove to be a problem for me, and I may have gone back for seconds.  And thirds.

We finished out the weekend on Monday with another lengthy swim at the pool, and this time Uncle Tyler and Aunt Lauren came, too.

Everett loved snacking on the sidelines.  I loved breathing in his delicious sunscreen-scented baby smell, which smells just as delicious as regular baby, except ten million times more awesome.

Kaden loved "surfing" on this boogie board:

And having the attention of multiple adults who were willing to drag him all over the pool on it.

Having a family we love to spend time with is such a blessing.  It was great spending the weekend with the Reese clan.

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