Friday, August 26, 2005

One Delicious Piece of the South

My husband is from the South. Because of this he grew up experiencing all kinds of things I have no clue about. (Butter beans, Smith's BBQ, and confederate flags are just a few.) Anyhow, the point is when I went to visit North Carolina for the first time, Chad's family introduced me to Bojangle's. (I would like to point out that just the name is pretty much a red flag that this is not something we exactly have in the North West. ) I tried it for the first time a bit skeptically, but one bite had me sold on their famous chicken 'n biscuits. The flaky biscuit covering a cajun style chicken filet, smothered in the most amazing honey mustard sauce in the world instantly became my best friend. When I left NC I was devastated to leave my new found buddy behind. (This probably was not a bad thing since it's not the most healthy snack out there) I only became more strongly attached to the orange & yellow fast food chain when Chad and I ate there repeatedly (at my request) on our honeymoon. I could not imagine living without a cajun filet biscuit when we returned to Utah.

Joy is visiting Provo this week and was sweet enough to bring us each 2 Bojangles biscuits. Can I just tell you, they may not be straight from Bojangles, but they are divine. I had one for lunch on Monday and I had one today. I would like to sincerely thank my mother-in-law for sacrificing her leg room on the plane in order to fit a cooler between her and the seat in front of her. She did this so I can now savor the most heavenly fast food known to man. Joy, I love you!

P.S. Any of you Northerners who have not had the privelege to snack at Bojangles, yourself the biggest favor you possibly can. Plan a trip to North Carolina and see for yourself!

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