Monday, April 28, 2008

And That's When I Died

I LOVE going to work out. I became a really big fan of it after I took a weight-training class with my London chum, Steph, the semester after the "consumed so much British chocolate I gained 20 pounds" semester abroad. I really, really do like it. If I had my way, we would have a gym membership now (NOT with the evilness that is Gold's Gym of course). But, because we are trying to save money, we do not have a gym membership.

I am a fan of toning with weights, and using an elliptical. I am NOT a fan of running. Anywhere.

Today, after I came home from work, Chad and I went "running." HA! I about died! I am so out of shape; it is not even funny. We're going to start going a few times a week. There is this cute little park near our house, so we "jogged" there and back (with frequent "Chad, I can't . . . breathe. . . must walk . . ." moments along the way). The goal is to eventually be in good enough shape to make it to the park without passing out, so that we can then enjoy the nice jogging paths that meander amongst the tulip beds before returning home. Sounds pleasant, doesn't it? Wish me luck.

Tonight I devoured several OREOS for dessert. . .hmmmmm. . . something wrong with this picture?


  1. Katie-
    I'm so proud of you! You're running! Maybe some day I can come down to Provo and we can do a little road race together! You can get way cool running shirts...

  2. Reminds me of when I catch myself with a big bowl of ice cream, watching the MIss America pageant, and thinking to myself, "How'd they get so skinny??"

  3. I run on a regular basis, but I don't think I will ever really like it. I kinda like it when I'm not tired and have tons of energy to run, but how often is that, really? :) So if people tell you, oh, you will start to enjoy it, don't really believe it, the goal is to just make it a habit! :)

  4. Your husband should be so dang grateful! Jon tries to get me to go with him all the time. And when he finally almost wears me down, I realize, no I really really hate running. He keeps promising everyone loves it after two weeks. Let me know if it works!

  5. Its ME Katie! I am so excited to hear from you!!! Love the blog and I totally agree with the running, as I was reading your words...remembering myself in your exact same situation. No offense Lena, but who would want to run...Anywhere? I am sticking with my Turbo Jam :)

  6. Thanks for the reminder... I definitely need to get back to the gym. (24/7...NOT Gold's!!!)
    I would love to love running. Inspire me... tell me how wonderful it is... tell me how much looser your clothes are...tell me how you feel at one with nature. Don't tell me you ate Oreo's and almost died!
    Too funny!


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