Friday, April 04, 2008

Sneaky, Sneaky

I am in North Carolina right now. Oh how sneaky, sneaky we are! We came to surprise my mother-in-law. She is singing at a huge event tonight, and we get to go cheer her on. She had NO CLUE we were coming. I love surprises, so today has been awesome! Can I just say, the weather is FABULOUS! I am going to Bojangles right now, so ta-ta, I shall talk to you later!


  1. GET.OUT.
    If someone had told me... I would have arranged for a package of Cajun Filet biscuits to be delivered upon your arrival. That is....if someone had told me.
    I remember Joy saying something about singing in March or April. I have not heard anything else. (with 3 kids I live in a bubble)
    I hope everything goes well...enjoy your stay. Call. Me. I am in the book. Call. Me.

  2. Aunt Pam1:34 PM

    I am sooo jealous that you are back there in Ktown and I am here in good ol' Phoenix. I am particularly jealous that you have already seen the inside of a Bojangles AND are visiting Allison for a haircut. (The "Maria" style from "The Sound of Music" just isn't cutting it for me!!!) Enjoy Joy's concert tonight. Wishing I were there. Also, tell Wendi she owes you a ped-egg just for coming.

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    It was great seeing you and Chad tonight! The show was WONDERFUL and Stephanie and I enjoyed ourselves!!

  4. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Hi there!

    I heard you were coming the day of the show. And since we watched conference on TV, I didn't get to see ya'll. I have "peeked" at a few of your blogs and so remember my BYU days and thinking that there are four seasons for a reason. Same here, by end of March and early April, there just was not supposed to be the remote possibility of any more white stuff! I really missed the green grass, trees, and azaleas, dogwoods, etc. Not to mention we were pre-tanning in those days in anticipation of full-blown beach weather in the summer. Anyway, I loved reading your blogs. You and Wendi could tie for most talented bloggers/writers. I, too, have always wanted to write a book someday. Three heads are better than one. What are we waiting for? Anyway, am glad you had a chance to come back if for a very short time. Looking forward to seeing you next time you are home. Oh, and my little Lauren and Madison are always watching Stacey and Clinton (me too!); I'd love to go along on any shopping trip you might arrange with them. Take care!



  5. Thanks for my little visit today. Albeit a short one, I was most excited you came to see me on my birthday! (cause you knew -right?) Have a safe trip home! Thanks again.

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Please give me your email address so I can send you an invite to my private blog.
    Hope you have a safe trip home! :)

  7. Yeah for being in North Carolina!!!! That's really exciting! Have so much fun!


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