Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The UGLY

OK. So it's been awhile since I've posted. So, for those of you who have been dying for a taste of my rantings, here's some to tantalize your taste buds.

Gold's Gym

The Good: Hmmmmm... Right now, I can't think of ANYTHING good about Gold's Gym. They are the devil.

The Bad: Chad and I were married almost THREE years ago. THREE. He had a membership at Gold's Gym BEFORE we got married. After we got married, he went in to Gold's Gym to make sure he was squared away. He discontinued his membership, and the floozy girl at the front counter said everything was fine. Well, about a month ago, Chad got a call from a collection agency. Yes, you heard right, my husband, who has never paid a bill late in his entire life, and has perfect credit, got a call from people who are hired to harass people with no financial sense.

The Ugly: Through a whole slew of technicalities that I do not feel like explaining because I get red in the face and enraged with hatred whenever I think of them, we were forced to pay the morally corrupt company of Gold's Gym around $800. That's right. Something went wrong with Chad's automatic payment withdrawal, which the floozy at the front desk obviously didn't inform him of when he went in to the gym, probably because she couldn't read, and so Gold's Gym has been charging us late fees and INTEREST for the last TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!! I cannot even express the utmost contempt and disgust that I feel towards these people.

Ben Folds Concert

The Good: AMAZING concert! Plus, Ben just happened to sing our wedding song. So, I heard the first song that I danced to as a married woman performed live by the artist, which is pretty cool. He's also a fantastic performer. LOVED IT!

The Bad: The doors opened AN HOUR late, which meant we stood in line for an hour longer than we'd planned on. Then, we found out that the only seating was either VIP, or over 21 at the bar. Well, that wouldn't be a problem, except I didn't bring any ID and they were carding EVERYONE. So, standing for another 5 hours was not the most pleasant experience. Particularly because I was packed next to hundreds of other people, most of whom were taller than my less than 5'5" frame. My lower back has never felt so much pain.

The Ugly: The tall man with a FRO who kept teasing me, by moving just enough to the right so that I could see Ben in all his goofy-glasses glory, and then moving his big, blond head right back into my line of view. I think such hairstyles should be banned from concert settings. As should excessive PDA. Who dirty dances and makes out at a Ben Folds concert? YUCK. Didn't want to see that. Thanks.


The Good: Chadwick is GRADUATING on FRIDAY! That's right, folks, my husband is going to be DONE with school! We will no longer be starving students! Once he finds a job, he will no longer be on wife support. I can not tell you how much this thrills my little heart. His family has flown in to help us celebrate, which is also going to be a blast. PLUS, I get to take two personal days in light of the festivities.

The Bad: Our two bedroom condo is trying to accommodate eight grown-up-size people...good thing we all love each other.

The Ugly: Last Saturday, while I was deep cleaning our apartment, I decided I should probably try the shower in our second bathroom. Chad and I have never used it because, let's face it: there are only two of us. Why use a second shower that will only equal more cleaning? Anyway, when I went to test it, I discovered that the hot water WAS NOT WORKING! Obviously, we called my brilliant brother-in-law right away, because he knows how to fix just about everything. Well, after he came over and surveyed the situation, the verdict was in: we were going to have to call our psycho landlord. Yes. Our landlord is loony. We love our condo, but the man who owns it is beyond crazy.

Let me explain...When we moved in, all the appliances in the kitchen were Saran wrapped to keep them clean. Hmmmm...I've always just used cleaner to keep mine clean. He also proceeded to tell me that he had taken the liberty to put picture hangers up where he thought we would want to put pictures, and that we didn't need to put any other holes in the wall. OK. I might not be an interior decorator, but I watch enough HGTV to know that putting a picture hook a foot below the top of our very high vaulted ceiling isn't going to be the best placement for any kind of decor. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, since moving in, we've obviously tossed a few of his rules out the window. We haven't gone completely decorating happy because I want to respect the fact that this is his house, but some of his "picture-hanger" placement has been changed, and we've also taken the liberty to add a few more. And, the first thing that went was all the saran wrap covering the front of the microwave.

The point is, I was a bit nervous to call this crazy, because I didn't want him to come into our condo and start freaking out. He's also from China and speaks some-what broken English, which makes communication semi-difficult.

Well, he came. Twice. Banged things around. Went to Home Depot to ask questions. Came back. Banged things around more to the point that he somehow activated the hot water. Now we have a leaking shower. But at least it is working while our guests are here.

So, there you go. Just a few incidents that have been happening at chez Reese lately.


  1. We had the same experience with Verizon. Fortunately, they cleared the debt, but it took 6 months of going back and forth between the collections agency and the floozy (in this case, a man) who cancelled Josh's account. That's very lame. Everything else is much more exciting, however.

  2. Ok firs things first, I am mad at gold's gym for you...and why in the heck did it take them almost THREE years to figure this out...hmmm, maybe the next month would have thrown a flag up, just a guess! It wasn't like you just weren't paying and still using there facilities. honestly I think we have some business that are just out to take our money, and they will get it any way they can. Please tell me you fought tooth and nail before you paid them the money. they should know what idiots they are!

    congrats to the hubby on graduating! David graduates in December, we already have a job when he is done...I CANNOT wait! Because we aren't even on wife support anymore, Yeah it sucks to be poor, but we all live and get through it!! do you think you will stay in Utah?

    Your landlord does sound a little crazy. the contract we just signed stated that we were not allowed to put holes in the walls to hang pictures without his consent, well since he lives in cali and we live in idaho, we hung up pictures!! Hopefully he never really shows his face here, because I sort of went picture happy!!! HAHAHA!!

  3. Just what I was waiting for! Thanks for my "Katie" fix! Have a wonderful graduation weekend!!!

  4. Oh my gosh...that is so nasty of Gold's Gym. I seriously would not have paid for it.

    I hope besides that fun little incident, you guys are doing well!!

  5. Those might be some of the funniest landlord stories I've heard in quite awhile! Seriously already decided where you would want pictures? Too funny!


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