Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gettin' Friendly with Blockbuster Employees

So, my sister-in-law and I have been a bit movie happy lately. She has an account with Blockbuster where you get to rent two movies and then trade them in as many times as you want. Well, this handy-dandy account ends on Monday, so we have been trying to cram in as many movies as possible. So far we have rented:

The Kite Runner (watched while Adam was still here)
August Rush
High School Musical
P.S. I Love You
27 Dresses
The Golden Compass
Martian Child

We are actually watching Martian Child now. As soon as it ends, we'll be returning to the video store for two new estrogen-driven flicks. We're hoping to get through two before Blockbuster closes so that we can switch for two new movies for Sunday.

Chad is beside himself. During P.S. I Love You, he endured not one set of tears (the normal amount), but three sets (Meredith is pregnant...with a girl...and she's crying for two). At one point, he said, "There's too much estrogen in this room...can we watch ESPN for a few minutes?" Today, he offered to switch places with my mother-in-law, who is currently surrounded by too much testosterone (she's the only girl with 4 boys in the house right now). He's been a really good sport about it, though. I did go to see Ironman with him last night, so we've had one action flick thrown in with all the other films we've been continually watching.

I'll let you know what the final film selections end up being!


  1. I haven't seen half of those movies. You must do a review or rating on them for me! I laughed when I read the pregnant with girl comment. you should read my blog.

  2. I love August rush and hairspray, and I am dying to see P.S. I love you and 27 dresses!! I don't get many chick flicks around here, david pretty much despises them! But last movie we went to was ironman too, so I think next pick is MINE!! I will be sure to torture the poor man, probably with one of the above mentioned movies!!! HAHA! After all, tomorrow is Mother's Day and I think we can stretch it to May is mother's month, so I get to choose. Not sure he'll go for it...?!

  3. What about some P&P or Becoming Jane?
    Enjoy your movie watching weekend... I need one of those!
    If you venture OUT to a movie...I highly recommend "Made of Honor"!
    Lots of "eye candy" and a most excellent chick-flick!

  4. I think that Blockbuster account sounds like a dream come true, to bad it ended! Had you not seen Hairspray yet? for some reason that surprises me?

  5. Martian child was actually suprisingly good! I loved August Rush as well, although Robin Williams is uber-creepy in it!

  6. Wendi, sadly Meredith doesn't share my intense love for all that is Jane Austen, so I'll save that for later.

    Em, had definitely already seen Hairspray, but was thrilled to watch it again so my sister in law could see it.

    Esperanza, I completely agree...Robin Williams was a creep-o.

  7. so I have to tell you, after reading about your ped-egg experience I asked for one for mother's day. Oh my, my feet are in heaven! They have never looked so good in there life! My mom still doesn't believe me, HA!


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