Monday, May 19, 2008

Screw You, Mr. George Bush Man!

In college, one of my favorite roommates of all time, a fiery red-head named Brianna, would scream "Screw you, Mr. Accounting Man!" at the computer screen as she did her accounting homework. It was her way of voicing her contempt for the ridiculous man she had to listen to who made no sense. I am borrowing her line, to express my similar feelings about our stimulus payment that came in the mail today.

I thought we were getting $1, 200. We are poor. We are married. It would make sense.

We only got $600.


OK, so $600 is still $600. It's money we wouldn't have otherwise, and I realize we should be grateful.

But it's only half of $1,200. So I'm disappointed. And disgruntled.

Sure, the $1,200 was just going to sit in our bank account. But it would have been quite comfy and cozy there. I had a place all prepared for it. Visions of our account balance rising by over a thousand dollars were dancing in my head. Those dreams are dead. Thanks to the federal government.

In other updates, still no news on the job front. Another reason the additional $600 was supposed to come in handy.


  1. We only got $600 too... dumb stimulus check. I was waiting for a bigger number. ;)

  2. we only got $600 too!!! Annoying huh!

  3. Guess what?
    not yet anyway.

    I thought everyone was suppose to get $600. (as in individual) And each child was like $300. Yeah. Well. I am not holding my breath for the possibility of $2100.

    Maybe that was just YOUR check Katie. Tell Chad his will arrive later.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I only got $300, haha.

  5. did chad work last year? the only way you would have gotten 1200 is if you were both working and both making over so much money. Like I worked last year but only made like 3,000 dollars for the whole year, so I did not get the 600 only david did. Maybe that makes a little more sense. but it does suck when you are expecting more and get less.

  6. Simmer down now.....

    I do hate it for you.

  7. What?! Why didn't you? That stinks. Didn't you both file a tax return? You should rebel and go spend it in a foreign country and stimulate someone else's economy! :)

  8. I don't understand taxes, I was just grateful someone was giving us money this year instead of taking it away!

  9. Sorry you didn't get $600 each :( Bummer. We got ours and decided to go on a Costa Rica trip. I didn't really think about how I'm "stimulating someone else's economy" until I read esperanza's comment. classic. :)


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