Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rats with Wings and Despicable Neighbors

Seriously, I am disgusted. The people who live across the parking lot from us are clearly not ashamed to bask in their white trash tendencies, despite how appalling it might be to other people. When you look out our living room window, THIS is what you see:

Notice the strategic labeling my husband added into the photo for effect. No, you are not imagining things. That REALLY is a twin mattress. And yes, those REALLY are pigeons NESTING on top of it. Clearly the little birdies have chosen to really make it their home, or at least their toilet. No, we do not live in the back country of Arkansas, we live in Orem, UT.

I have no idea what the couple looks like who lives there, but I'm envisioning something that involves mullets, wife beaters, and driving a late '80's Mustang 5.0.

The thing is, it's not just how nasty this looks. It's how completely and utterly UNSANITARY it is. Are they PLANNING on sleeping on this mattress in the future? I would certainly hope not. And yet, if they aren't going to sleep on it any time soon, than why is it being stored right outside their living room window?



  1. Aunt Pam4:20 PM

    Ahhh....the Reese curse continues with the despicable neighbors. No matter how many times we have moved, we seem to get the rude and "what do you mean there are HOA rules?" people purchase the house next door to us. At least these strange cretins will not be permanent eyesores. Thank goodness for Chad's graduation. Loved the picture!!!!!

  2. Clearly no class.
    I am envisioning the same.
    I am also envisioning what the inside must look like...yikes...never mind!
    Have a great day...and Congrats on your blog award!
    You are most deserving!

  3. Hate to say it, but there may be dead bodies in there...jk. That is gross. Don't touch it.

  4. that is sick...that's all I have to say, sick!

  5. Disgusting! And oh-so GHETTO! Do you have photoshop? That is what I make my scrapbook pages in. If you do, I can email you some instructions...

  6. Okay, this is beyond disgusting! I'm glad I didn't notice this view while I was visiting, or I might have been tempted to go over during the night and post a nasty note on their door.

    But, like Pam said, this view will be history for you soon. Hurry and move to North Carolina. I am ready for you, Chad, and Meredith to get home. Right now I am living with 4 males and I'm the only female here! Too much testosterone!!! Help!!

    Mom Reese "Joyious"

  7. Just to add to this post...since I am living there too. Yesterday, the front mattress had fallen down and you could see the lovely treat left in between the two mattresses. Well today the mattresses are back up and straight meaning these gross people actually know the pigeons are there pooping on the mattresses and don't care!

  8. OH MY GOSH! Meredith, that is SO SICK! They know, AND they touched them!

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  10. I'm laughing. What other comment do you need? They look like they belong down here. Expect I don't think there are pigeons here.


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