Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm a Believer

While everyone was here for Chad's graduation, my mother-in-law bought herself, Meredith, and me Ped-Eggs. We were all devastated when we didn't win the competition on Wendi's blog (see here for further explanation).

I will admit, despite Wendi's stellar review, I was a bit skeptical.

Well, tonight, I officially got my Ped Egg out of its plastic wrapping.

I assembled it carefully.

Grated my dead skin away.

Used the included free emery board to further polish my footsies.

And, after doing everything described above, a quick rub with peppermint foot lotion, and applying a coat of Ulta "burnt sugar" nail polish (my signature color) my feet look and feel amazing.

WOW. That's all I have to say.

Thanks, Mom Reese, for the fabulous foot gear =-)

I was going to take a picture of the three of us with our Ped Eggs before Joy flew home, but never did. But here is a picture of us hanging out (while the boys were all violently playing Halo):


  1. Aww I love stories of people who love their in-laws. Your mother-in-law looks adorable and so sweet.

  2. I have a wonderful little ped-egg as well :) I love it!!!

  3. I am sorry you did not win my little give-away...but you still got a free ped-egg!
    Isn't it divine?
    You should always listen to Wendi. Why?
    Because she said so!!!

  4. So I just caught up on like three of your blog entries so hopefully it will explain commenting about past posts! How exciting to be done with school. I cant wait to see where you guys end up. And, LOVED the annoyed teacher to parent letter... sometimes wouldn't brutal honesty really be the best policy?!

  5. I left you a little "something something" over at my place!


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