Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cousin Bonding

When we came back from Utah, we were also able to see Meredith and Mackenzie who had been visiting while we were away.  Luckily we caught them at the tail end of their trip.  Mackenzie was so much fun this time.  Her little personality is precious; she is at such a fun age!  Kenzie loved Kaden and was such a good helper.  She wanted to help feed Kaden his bottle, change his diaper (which one night resulted in catastrophe when he peed all over her, I screamed, and she started bawling), rock him to sleep when he was in his car seat, sing him songs, and she would tell him, "It's okay," whenever he was crying.  It was so sweet.  I know they will make great playmates some day when he's a little bigger and she can boss him around.  She was a little confused at first because Kaden sounded a little too much like Katie.  If she wasn't calling him "Bebe," she was calling him Aunt Katie (or Annnn Kayeee in Kenzie language).     

We went to the nature center one day to spend some time together.  Kaden slept through the entire outing in the stroller, but Mackenzie still had a good time (despite the broken train she wanted to ride).

It was fun spending time with them while they were here.  I wish they lived closer so we could do more things together!

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