Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Chad was very disappointed when I brought home a pumpkin costume for Kaden this year.  He was hoping for something a little less generic.  My thoughts were Joy and I scored big time finding a costume for $4.99 at Once Upon a Child that didn't look raggedy.  He was a little fluff ball, and Chad kept telling him, "I'm so sorry; this wasn't my fault."

 Kaden, meet your cousin Ladybug:

 And your Aunt, The Cheshire Cat:

 Here's our Trunk or Treat trunk this year. (It actually looked way cooler in person.  We had lots of glow sticks to add to the eerie effect.)

All tuckered out in Grandma's lap after the excitement:


I spent most of the time with the primary children, trying to entertain them while their parents played Bingo and won giant cakes.  Not to bad for Kaden's first Halloween. 

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