Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kaden's Blessing Day, October 31, 2010

The main reason my family flew back to North Carolina with me was so they could be there for Kaden's blessing day.  My mom made his blessing outfit, and it was absolutely precious.  It was also the Primary program on Sunday, so I had a very busy day since I am in the Primary presidency.  Thankfully my mom and grandma were there to help get Kaden dressed (we took him to church in a different outfit in case he decided to desecrate whatever he was wearing before Sacrament meeting) and keep him happy.  Chad gave Kaden a beautiful blessing, and it was a very special day.  Thus, the picture overload:

All the family who came for Kaden's special day:
 The men who participated in the blessing with Chad:  Dad Jensen, Papa, Chad, Tyler, Uncle Craig, and Dad Reese.
 Kaden with Gigi and Poppy:
 Kaden with Grandpa and Grandma:
 With my parents:
 Four generations:
Kaden with his Gram:
Our family:
 Cousinly Love:
 Kenzie with Gigi and Mommy:
 With Chad's parents:
 Another four generations:
 Kaden talking to his Gigi:
 Chad with his siblings (minus Cameron, who's on his mission. . . tear):
 Time out for fun:
 With Lauren and Tyler:

 Sad Kaden:
 "It's OK," says Mackenzie:
 In his darling outfit:

 I am so thankful for my Kaden boy, and I am so thankful that he has a wonderful daddy who could give him a name and a blessing.  


  1. You have been busy! What a darling outfit your Mom made for Kaden. It looks like you had so much fun visiting Utah. Congrats on your brother's marriage, crazy that we are all that old now! Next time you come, I would love to see you and your ever growing baby. He is so darling!
    Aaron was not happy with my Halloween costume choice for Wyatt either, just show your hubby what Wyatt was and maybe he will feel better. ;-)
    I am so happy you updated. I was wondering how you were doing. Have you had to go back to work yet?

  2. Oh man, what a handsome little man you have. How neat that so much family could be there for your special day! And by the way, you look fabulous.

  3. Great pictures! Kaden is soo cute. And yes, you look amazing!

  4. Katie...he is too precious!!!

  5. He is such a beautiful little boy! That is so neat that you had so many people there for the blessing.

  6. He seriously is so cute. Good job! His outfit looks darling! It's fun seeing pictures of your parents. And MAN, you look GOOD!!!!


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