Thursday, November 04, 2010

Time in Utah

After Bryan's wedding weekend, Chad flew home, and Kaden and I stayed behind to spend some more time with my family.  Before the actual wedding, we did drive up the canyon on Sunday afternoon to take a few family pictures.  Aunt Arianne snapped the photos, and Chad added a few post-processing touches when we came home. 

I didn't take very many pictures during the two weeks I was there.  At all.  To me, that is a sign that we were having such fun that there wasn't time to go find the camera.  (OK, we were having fun, but really it's a sign of pure laziness on my part.  Oh, well.)

While in Utah I did a lot of eating.  Food chains I hit up while in Utah include: Cafe Rio, In-N-Out Burger, The Pie, & Panda Express.  It's amazing what you miss when you can't get it where you live.  I also devoured homemade chicken salad (It is a constant battle between Chad and myself how chicken salad should be prepared.  Being from the west coast I grew up eating a completely different variety than my hubby, and I always beg my mom to make some when I go home.), snicker doodles, and probably about five pans of brownies.  Caffeine-free Dr. Pepper was my beverage of choice pretty much the entire time I was home.  By some miracle I actually lost weight while I was there, so maybe I need to adopt a similar eating plan now that I am home . . .

We did go out shopping a few times, but mostly we just lazed about and spent time together.  It was nice.  Below are a few pictures we did capture while I was out west.

 Kaden relaxing in the tub:
 Kaden loved his Uncle Jared:

 Discovering how handsome he is in the mirror:
Luckily for me, my parents and grandma flew back out to North Carolina with me.  I say luckily because what was supposed to be a two flight trip home from Salt Lake to Denver, and then Denver to Raleigh turned into a trip from Salt Lake to Denver (delayed departure, meaning we missed our connecting flight), Denver to St. Louis, St. Louis to Nashville, Nashville to Raleigh.  We were supposed to get in a little after five in the evening, but didn't get in until after 11:00 instead.  To add interest to the experience, the airline also managed to lose all of our luggage.  It was about 2:00 a.m. by the time we made it home.  That is a long day with an almost three month old.  Kaden was still very good.  We only had one melt down while trying to get him to nurse in the Denver airport, and one blowout on the plane while the fasten seat belt sign was on.  (At that point, I waited for the flight attendant to be otherwise engaged and adopted a philosophy taught to me by my friend Steph:  "It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.")


  1. Oh! Delayed flights are the worst with a baby! We had a couple bad experiences in Europe but not as bad as that! And as for the blowouts when you can't get up, that was Alessia's favorite time to go to the bathroom. It happened three separate times. Babies sure have great timing, don't they?

  2. It's crazy to see your brothers so grown up!!! hahaha. Man I'm getting old.


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