Sunday, March 30, 2008

Since When Can't Rain be Moisture???

OK. I really hate to complain about Utah, yet again, but today it is unavoidable. I feel the need to complain. To vent. To wallow in my self-pity. This morning I woke up to get ready for church. Keep in mind, last Sunday was EASTER SUNDAY people. EASTER. As in, it's time time to break out the pastel colors and sandals in the wardrobe. But alas, while I was running around like a crazy person trying to make bed-head look presentable (we are always running late on Sunday mornings) Chad went to the window and informed me that there was about three inches of snow on the ground.

I laughed at this, knowing that, surely, he was just joking. Because, hey, as previously stated, last Sunday was Easter. And you can't wear pastels in the snow. After he coaxed me to come to the window to see for myself, I let out a scream of rage.

When we went to church, all the Utahans were elated. In heaven. On cloud nine. "When I woke up this morning, and saw the beautiful snow on my thirsty lawn, I knew today was going to be a great day," one man said. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???!!!

Here's the deal. I realize that we're in "a drought." That we need "moisture." (A word that I have never really liked very much by the way. Can't we just say we need water? Or rain?) Anyway, I realize the need for something falling from the sky to give us some water. BUT COME ON! Hasn't anyone here ever heard of rain? I love a good thunderstorm. I would adore seeing a light sprinkling, or even a brief downpour, of rain to wash away all the nasty inversion filling the valley and leaving behind a clean, fresh sky. What I don't want to see is SNOW covering the ground 2 DAYS BEFORE APRIL!!! COME ON, PEOPLE!!!

It has yet to stop snowing. Sadness fills my heart.


  1. We had snow good ol' ML this morning too. Luckily it had all melted by the time we got out of church. And to make you too depressed, but it snowed in May once when I was at BYU. Oddly, it had been lovely that morning, so I was in a skirt and sandals. And then I had to walk home while it snowed. I skipped my afternoon class.

  2. YUCK!!! it started snowing here, in Richland, for a few minutes on Friday, and I was freaking out. Thank Goodness nothing stuck. and we did talk to our family this morning in ML and they said they had a few inches. I agree it should be spring and the snow needs to wait another year before it falls again!

  3. I won't lie...when I heard it was snowing in utah I made the fam eat every meal outside today to enjoy the 80 degree temperature! Hey, there are few times a year when I can brag about Las Vegas temperatures... in two weeks we will be melting. Let me enjoy my moment in (or I guess without) the sun!

  4. That moisture thing always got to me too. It was never just "rain" or "snow" always MOISTURE! Sorry it continues to snow. It was a sad day in Michigan when all the kids had to dig their easter eggs out of 2 feet of snow. :(

  5. When I woke up and saw the snow I got depressed and went to Adam, who was still in bed, and told him to look out the window. He looked out and jumped back in bed telling me it was just a bad dream and if we went back to sleep it would all go away. I laughed at him and then thought of calling you to cry together. WHY IS IT STILL SNOWING!!!!!!

  6. AMEN...the snow added just enough to my feeling miserable that we just stayed home from church that day!

  7. Sorry to tell you that we have yet to see any snow. Not. one. flake. Friday was about 85...but by Sunday it was 52. Yikes!
    Please come visit NC soon. We will order in good weather just for you!
    I have left you another assignment on my blog. I promise no more homework after this. My blog will soon be a meme graveyard!


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