Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good News, Bad News

The Bad:

Well, I attempted to soak my nails in straight acetone yesterday in an effort to force the fake nails to separate themselves from my hands...Unfortunately, this was to no avail. I have come to terms with the fact that I will have to live with these things until they fall off on their own. I did manage to clip them down so they will stop breaking in such painful ways.

The Good:

Anyway, on a more positive note I would like to point out how completely sweet it is that Chad went to Sally's Beauty Supply to attempt to find something that would help me solve this problem. He must really love me to stand at a counter with extra strength nail polish remover and have a woman ask him if he, "has a Sally's preferred card." Poor Chad... Anyway, I love him so much, he does so many things to help take care of me!

Because the nails didn't come off I am going to have to stand by my stance that everyone should avoid the entire procedure. I will say, however, that my friend Maggie informs me regular manicures (minus the acrylic junk) are quite enjoyable. So I guess you could go that route and be much safer should you choose to have your nails done =-)

Last night Chad and I bought our first piece of furniture together. We bought a coffee table that was on sale at Pier One. I love it! It looks so great in our living room!!! And we bought this candle that smells absolutely AMAZING! I kid you not, if you smelled this thing you would be so happy. I tell Chad about every five seconds how much I love the smell of it, it is that good! Plus, as an added bonus it is sitting on a table right as you walk into our apartment, so you are instantly greeted by its pleasant aroma. I love Pier One, it is the greatest store ever! Thanks to a gift card from Dr. Michaels we now own some lovely baskets, a divinely scented candle, and the coolest coffee table ever!

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  1. Hey Remember how I was there for the Candle and Coffee experience???? :) Anyway sorry about your nails that really sucks the asian ladies planned it!!!!! Anyway i am here in Rexburg....check out my blog in a couple of days for an ya :)


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