Friday, August 12, 2005

The Sad Realization of the World's Dishonesty

I feel slightly cheated. I do not consider myself completely naive...I know the world is not a completely perfect place. I know people lie. I guess I was just under the mistaken impression that people would not lie directly to me. Sadly, I have been proven wrong multiple times lately. I work as a receptionist for BYU Mail Services. From 8 to 5 you can find me chilling at the front counter of this mailing station on campus. Recently my co-worker Karen and I have been shocked, appalled, and (silly as it sounds) have had our feelings hurt by people who have flat out lied to us!

From our work you can send packages to the Missionary Training Center for a small fee. These packages go over the same day, so it's a nice service for family and friends. There are certain things that we can not send. Because there's no guarantee the missionary will actually GET the box the same day we can't send things like pizza, fast food, ice-cream, etc. This isn't because we are mean people, it's because we don't want the missionaries to get FOOD POISONING! There's no fridge or freezer to store these items in before the missionary receives them. They could sit out all day long, or even a matter of days before the missionary would consume the parasite infested matter. Some people don't seem to understand this (despite our explanation). Because of this, we have many psychotic mothers/girlfriends/former roommates/whoever else trying to sneak the forbidden fruit into the MTC quite frequently. Por ejemplo, a couple of days ago a floozy waiting for "her missionary" type came in with her mother. They were sending some "cookies" to an Elder. Karen felt some heat RADIATING from the box. After asking the girl what was inside, she innocently replied, "Oh, just some cookies..." Karen of course, could smell the aroma of pepperoni and specifically ASKED the girl, "Is there any pizza in this? The box is kind of warm. If so, we can not send it, it will be confiscated in the mail room." "Oh no, it's just cookies..." After she was asked again, she said, "Well, there might be a couple of pieces in there, but it's mostly cookies and I told him if it's bad not to eat it." There "might" be a couple of pieces in there??? COME ON WOMAN!!!! YOU ARE A LIAR!!! Try an ENTIRE Brick Oven pizza, not a single cookie, and a note that says, "ha ha ha because of me you broke the rules." Now I ask you, is this absolute disregard for honestly necessary? I think not. We were outraged! We were FURIOUS!

...And enjoyed the pizza for lunch =-)


  1. I would have eaten the Pizza in an instant!!!! wow the nerve of some people and the underestimation of your detective skills :) don't get too frustrated just keep eating the food!!!!!
    Love Ya


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