Thursday, August 11, 2005

Toilet Fiasco

So after contemplating the idea of posting a blog for many weeks, I finally decided to go for it during a routine boring moment at work. I will now have a way to vent my concerns to the world!!!...or to anyone who is also having a boring moment at work and wants to read this =-)

So this Friday will mark 3 weeks of being married! I can honestly say they have been the best ever. Chad and I have been lucky enough to have tons of family and friends show us love and support. We had two absolutely beyond beautiful receptions and are now enjoying the wonderful gifts we received. I was overwhelmed by how much generosity people have shown us. It has been such a help to us!

Last night my parents came down to Provo. They brought us some last minute wedding gifts that had arrived for us. Right now our apartment floor is completley covered in stuff. I had no clue Chad and I had so many THINGS! Our apartment is small so it's a little overwhelming trying to figure out where everything will go, but I love it! My parents bought us a storage shelf-thingie to go over our toilet in the bathroom. This was quite exciting because we have no linen closet and having some storage in the bathroom will be nice for towels and such. So at 10:00 I tell Chad I want to put this together. We drove to Wal-Mart and bought a tool kit since we did not even own a screwdriver. So by the time we get home it is late, we are tired, but we are still somehow convinced we can put this shelf together. Soon it is midnight...yes, we may have slightly underestimated the complicated nature of a self proclaimed "easy-to-assemble" piece of furniture...Finally the assembly is nearly complete. We go to put the shelf in the bathroom...and...IT DOESN'T FIT! That's right folks, our toilet was too close to the wall to allow the shelf to slide behind it. Before you become too sadened by this disastrous thought, don't worry, my genius of a husband MADE it fit. In fact, I have been told, "It will fit, it will work, and we will like it." But the thing is, I do love it! And not just because we now have a place to put our bath towels. I love it because my adorable husband didn't get mad once while he was putting it together, even when we had to take it apart and stuff one piece behind the plumbing of the toilet to make it fit. I love it because it is ours, and it's in our bathroom, and we're married! Life is so wonderful now, even though I'm ridiculously tired at work because we were up all night putting it together. * is good


  1. It's good to hear you guys are getting set up as a newly married couple! It was so good to see you two at the reception in Moses, and really great to meet Chad, he's a cool cat! Call Jaime and I if you ever need anything or just want to talk! Love you, Mark

  2. Katie can I just say that you are one of the cutest and funniest people I know. I'm glad to hear you and Chad are so happy. I'm sad I missed your reception but if I come to visit this fall I definitely want to see this bathroom shelf of yours. Love you!! Sarah

  3. I'm not sure if parents are supposed to comment on these things, but I'm going to.
    It is refreshing to feel the love radiating within your relationship. Too bad the whole world cannot be like that.
    I am elated that he married someone so wonderful and that you are a part of our family.
    Dad Reese


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