Saturday, March 01, 2008

And I Became a Traitor . . .

Last night Chad and I went to the BYU vs UVU hockey game. I absolutely LOVE hockey! I don't normally promote violence, but in my opinion, hockey is exempt from the rules of peace I usually prefer. I love to see a good fight on the ice.

Chad and I first started going to hockey games when we were dating...well, even before we were dating. One of Chad's roommates was one of the announcers and knew all of the BYU players, so we were always getting free tickets and seats right next to the penalty box (again, I usually am nice to complete strangers, but strangers in the penalty box are, again, exempt from that rule).

Well, last night, everything changed. We sat on the UVU side. I wore a UVU hoodie. I rooted for the team that was playing AGAINST my alma mater! WHO AM I? A traitor, that's who. UVU won, because I left my cougars out in the cold.

It was still an absolute blast. The place was completely packed, and I only saw one friend from BYU, and thus avoided the harsh scolding I really deserved.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a single fight! I was so disapointed!


  1. I can't believe you crossed over! There wasn't a fight because you were rooting for the WRONG team!!! Man I don't even know what to say....

    But I too love to see a good fight at the hockey games! I miss the BYU ice cats! Tri cities actually has a pretty good hockey team, but we have yet to make it to one of the games. Things get a lot more complicated when you have kids!!! Ok I guess I found something to say and I will still talk to you!

    GO COUGS!!!

  2. Ditto on the hockey love. And the fact that is the exception to every peace-loving rule I have. And you weren't a traitor, you were practicing self-preservation. You might have been beat up if you cheered for BYU whilst sitting in UVU seats.

  3. How fun! I haven't been to a hockey game in a long time. UVU is not that bad, I got my teaching license there :) p.s. I guess my high school kids team here beat UVU once in a fake match and totally made the UVU team super mad, for obvious reasons! :)

  4. Katie, I'm sorry but I have to shun you now!


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