Monday, March 24, 2008


Hello, my fellow bloggers. I know you are shocked to see a new post. Many of you were probably thinking I was weren't too far off, but alas, I am alive. All of my zillions of papers are graded. The scores are in the computer. I have only to confirm my grades and I am done with term three forever! HALLELUJAH! I can't believe there is only one left.

We had a fabulous Easter weekend! Even though I was still slightly overwhelmed with school, we added some more craziness into the mix and went to my parents' house this weekend. Chad shot a wedding and I acted as the photographer's assistant. We even dressed the part--black, artsy clothing. I forgot to bring my glasses though, and was very disappointed that I didn't fully look the part of the focused artist.

I've decided a couple of things after shooting this wedding. 1) We make an excellent photography team. I did all of the positioning. As in "Father-of-the groom, let's have you right here, please...very nice...and, just a little to the left for me...there you go, very good" and "Can you give me a big smile, sweetie?! Perfect! Keep smiling!" and "Let's just take that whatever you're holding and put it over here so it's not in the photo, OK?" While I was arranging people, Chad was testing lighting, making sure everyone was actually in the photo screen, etc. We had a lot of fun together. And, I think came across as pretty darn professional. 2) When you are shooting people who aren't family, your credibility goes way up. Suddenly, people see a nice camera, a lighting set-up, and they just blindly trust you. People aren't putting their two-cents in, they just move where you tell them to, and trust you know what you're doing. 3) I am so glad I married who I did, where I did, when I did. The couple getting married are VERY young. It was quite apparent through many of the things said/done throughout the entire wedding process just how young they really are. Even though I got married a lot younger than I had ever originally planned to, I'm glad that I was mature and knew what I was getting into. I'm glad that I found someone I really love, who loves me, and who complements me so well. Sometimes seeing unbalanced relationships can make you really grateful for what you have, lol.

We also had plenty of time for fun with the family. On Saturday night after the wedding, we went out to eat with my brothers and had a lot of fun together. Then, on Sunday, the Easter Bunny brought Rock Band. Now, I am not a video gamer, but this game has convinced me that we need an X-Box 360 and this game. It is THAT FUN! We had a blast playing all together. I thought Guitar Hero was fun...then I met Rock Band. Meredith and Adam, please buy this game so we can come over and play, lol.

All-in-all it was a good weekend. I'm still a little behind with my lesson planning at school, but I figure after this week things should be a lot more relaxed.



  1. I am so happy you are back! I have missed you. Chase has Rock Band...when you are in NC... come over anytime! I am trying to stay away from it... too much blogging! LOL!
    I left you a little homework on my blog! Enjoy! ...and Welcome Back!!!

  2. I have a great idea. You buy rock band and keep it at our house. Then, you can come play it whenever you want!

  3. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Remember that "familiarity breeds contempt" attributed to Aesop. So whenever the family gets together for another photo op, we all get to put in our 2 cents, no matter what, because that is what we do!
    References: Myrtle Beach, Arizona, and The Venetian.
    Dad R

  4. oh how funny about the rock band Katie!! My kids are addicted my blog to see...

    and I love that you married "who you did, when you did too"!! he is the BEST huh??? and we are just so glad you are part of our K2 family!! Keep up the photography business and maybe you can shoot the weddings of the rest of my Rock Banders! love you both, Lyla

  5. Oh Katie, now you have me worried. You are going over to the "dark side". You, the one who always curses anything that has to do with a video game, is now wanting to buy an X-box 360 so you can play "Rock Band"?????? I'm just kidding (sort of), but whatever makes you happy. I know Chad will be thrilled!! You will have something else in common! LOL. And I'm glad that your photography session went well. I know how much Chad loves to take pictures, and I'm sure you were the perfect assistant.

  6. your posts make me laugh. Thank you.

  7. Ok so true story I sort of had you and Lena in mind when I wrote my last blog, I hope that's ok, but since you commented on that specific part, I guess it's alright? Anywho, Rockband is seriously so fun, I totally agree! I'm almost ashamed to admit it! For some reason I didn't know Chad was a photographer, and that convinces me all the more that you guys are the cutest couple ever! Utah Junior Miss Huh? Promise you won't ever torture those girls with ridiculous aerobic numbers!!!


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