Thursday, March 27, 2008


Wendi left me some homework, and so here is my completed assignment:

10 Years ago:

I was 14. This meant I was living it up at Stake Dances! Oh the memories. I just could not wait for those, let me tell you. When I think of Stake Dances, a flood of Bryan Adam's songs, Savage Garden nightmares, and "YMCA" start playing on the memory soundtrack. Good times. Honestly though, I loved Stake Dances. My husband apparently hated them, but I just think that's because he didn't have me there to dance with! There were the creepy boys that you'd have to try to hide from on the long songs, but I got pretty skilled at avoiding those ones.

5 Things on My To-do List Today:

Well, let me just list the top five things from my planner today:
1. Make copies for sophomore El Greco analysis.
2. Check out TV and DVD player for classes on Monday and Wednesday.
3. Create rubric for sophomore American Dream project.
4. Call Andrea back about baby shower.
5. Start putting in Term Four grades.

Exciting, no???

Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire (I'm going to instead pretend that this means I suddenly have unlimited money that will never go away. I don't even know if billions would be enough for what I'm about to propose):

1. Buy a Jeep Wrangler, which has been my dream car since I can't even remember when, but is the most impractical vehicle I could possibly buy due to outrageous gas prices. But heck, if I'm a billionaire, who cares, right?

2. Buy a flat in London, and a private jet that convey myself, hubby, friends, and family there whenever we feel like a stroll through Kensington Gardens and a Flour Power brownie at Borough Market. The private jet would also fly us to other fantastic foreign destinations at a moment's notice.

3. Pay off my student loans. Yes. I have those.

4. Buy a beach house on Emerald Isle and decorate it beyond fabulously.

5. Buy and decorate my dream house. (Complete with circular driveway with fountain in the middle and cascading wall of water in the foyer.)

6. Go get my master's degree.

7. Donate money to some amazingly good causes.

8. Buy commercial real estate property. (Wow, have I become Chad's wife, or what?)

9. Buy a yacht and sail the Mediterranean. (The yacht will come in handy when flying places on the private jet gets old.)

10. Go to New York City, call Stacey and Clinton (who will, of course, want to be my friend since I have billions) and go on a shopping spree with their guidance.

11. Buy a library full of first editions.

12. Buy Chad his Porshe 911 Turbo GT2 so that we can drive around the countryside together. I will wear a big Audrey Hepburn hat and sunglasses while doing so, of course.

Hmmmm...that's not all, but it's a good start.

3 Bad Habits:

1. Worrying too much.
2. Complaining about my job.
3. Road rage towards Utah drivers.

Places I Have Lived:

Moses Lake, Washington; Bountiful, Utah; Provo, Utah; London, England; Orem, Utah; Kinston, NC

Jobs I Have Had:

My first job at fourteen was weeding sugar beets. I did this bare-foot while I squished potato bugs between my toes, because I got blisters when I tried to wear shoes. I know...not a pretty visual. It was not a pleasant job, but I did it with a few friends and so we actually had a lot of fun together. Plus, I thought I was rolling in the dough by the end of the summer! In high school I also worked for my parents' garden/reception center and cleaned a dentist office and an orthodontist office. In college I was a waitress at IHOP (breakfast food is a white-trash magnet. They swarm like flies over pancakes and bacon..that's all I have to say), worked as a receptionist at a mail center, processed express mail at the same place a year later, and eventually worked as a beggar for BYU (called alumni and asked for donations, and eventually became a supervisor at the call center). I teach high school English.

Thing Most People Don't Know About Me:

This is a hard one. I feel like I'm not very secretive, and so most people know about me. But I shall try.

I love to write and want to publish a book someday.

I want to be a stay-at-home mom someday.

I am a little bit OCD about certain things. Particularly about the way things are cleaned.

I love music. I play piano, guitar, and sing.

I am a perfectionist.

I am Obsessed With:

Gilmore Girls. I HAVE to watch the re-runs every night at 6:00. I know, I know. I'm pathetic. BUT I LOVE THE SHOW! I love the fast-paced dialog and the constant references to literature and pop-culture. I feel smart when I watch it. Right now I am a little distressed by the fact that I missed it tonight, but since Carolina was playing I took one for the team.

Blogging. Even when I go through a lapse where I have no time to blog, I am still READING blogs like crazy.

SHOES. Oh my, oh my! I do love me some shoes! But, despite what my husband may tell you, I really have cut back on my shoe fetish since getting married.

Thrift Stores: I love thrift store shopping, or really just finding a good deal anywhere!

When I was young I wanted to be:

A veterinarian. Which is INSANE! I don't even like animals! Go figure, huh?

So there you go, a little bit about me! I tag...Anyone who's feeling like they need something to write about!


  1. My favorites are 2 and 10...but i have to ask, would you let Nick cut your hair??

  2. Jen, most definitely. I would trust Nick with my locks any day! Probably because I don't fear short hair.

  3. I love love love it!!!
    Please include me on your "friends" list when you are jetting around the world and staying at your flat in London. I love me some London too! (And Paris and Belgium...and Holland ...well, you get the picture!)
    Hope your day is wonderful! (mine will include an 80 degree forecast!)

  4. I would pay Nick to cut my hair, even if it took all my millions. I have sorely missed Stacey, Clinton, and crew since we moved out of the land of free cable (apparently not as popular in Tempe apartment complexes!)

  5. Wow, your billionaire lists reads almost exactly like mine. When I was in high school I desperately wanted a Jeep Wrangler. That and a Dodge Viper. Now my dream car is a smartcar. Which you could totally load on the private jet and take with you. Like luggage. I would also let Nick do my hair. He may look like a Hobbit half the time, but he makes everyone else look fabulous.

  6. After reading this tag, I'm pretty sure we were meant to be bff's & we should start living up to that. You already know of my obsession with What Not to Wear, but I confess, that I am also obsessed with 6:00 Gilmore Girls re-runs, shoes, & blogging. I was also obsessed with stake dances...


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