Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just Not the Same

I have written a lengthy tribute to one of my favorite parts about North Carolina before, so I will spare you the repeat. It's in my archive if you are dying to read it. The thing I am referring to is Bojangles.

I have been craving Bojangles for about the last three weeks. Well, really, I crave it all the time, but I try not to think of it too often because it lessens my withdrawals. Today, I decided to try to create some homemade Bojangles.

I'm much too lazy to really put a lot of effort into something like this, so I didn't make homemade biscuits or anything, but I did somewhat try to recreate my favorite Cajun fillet biscuit.

I went to Smiths and bought the frozen Pillsbury biscuits (Southern style). This was a tip I got from my mother-in-law, who got it from Prissy. And I'm sorry, even though Chad told me I was being prejudice and only thought they would be better because Prissy said so, HELLO...PRISSY SAID SO. And that girl knows what she's talking about when it comes to things like this!

I also bought some frozen chicken tenders.

I came home and cooked them up.

I even used the last of the Bojangles honey mustard I have been salvaging since Thanksgiving.

I sandwiched my chicken in between two halves of flaky biscuit. I smothered both sides with honey mustard. I took a bite.


It totally wasn't the same.

I so want to be in North Carolina.

The bitter-cold wind that greeted me this morning only further convinces me of this fact.


  1. isn't it such a bummer when you totally have one taste in mind and what you made really didn't satisfy that! Looks like you need to take another vacation!!! (oh wouldn't a vacation be nice)!!!

  2. give me your address and I will so mail you some... my favorite is Cajun Filet Biscuits too. There really is nothing like them. I love that you love Bogangles and NC!!!

  3. I feel your pain. There are days when I just miss BBQ and Bojangles! I am depressed because this weekend they are having a pig-pickin for Tyler (for those who don't know...maybe Wendi can explain it better)...Wendi that should be your next blog! Anyways, I wanted to go home SOOOOO BAD!!! I miss my home!

  4. so... I went to the BOJ drive-thru today. I ordered a Cajun Filet biscuit just for you.( cause I am like that) Then I called 1-800-CAJUN (yes..they really do have a hotline!) They had no suggestions on mailing this biscuit. I wanted to surprise you... but unless I froze it and then put it on dry ice...or if I purchased a plane ticket for it. ($400 biscuit...i think not!) Sorry...I tried. I will send some by Stephanie if she goes out in April. You and Meredith can get together and have a BOJANGLES party! I will keep thinking how I can solve your Cajun Filet Biscuit crisis without bringing "salmonella" into the equation!

  5. oops.. forgot...Meredith would probably rather have MILK and CEREAL! I'll send that too! (LOL)
    *jk merde!

  6. Wendi, That is the cutest thing I've ever heard! Don't worry too much about it. Bruce and Joy will probably bring us some in April when they come out for Chad's graduation. You are too cute!

  7. First - hi Katie! Second, this is funny, because I'm visiting my sister and her husband in Charlotte over Memorial Day weekend, and she is already talking about how we have to go to Bojangles. I am intrigued!


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