Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am a worrier. I just am. It's part of my nature. It's the end of the term, which means it is a time of intense stress, and thus worry for me. Here are things I'm overly concerned about at the moment:

1. The huge stack of essay tests I have yet to grade.

2. The huge stack of LATE WORK papers I have yet to grade.

3. The huge stack of book reports that are being turned in next week that I will need to grade.

4. The huge stack of Writers' Notebooks that are also being turned in next week that I need to grade.

5. The fact that my sophomores are about two weeks behind where I wanted them to be by this point in the term.

6. Knowing that the school year is nearly over (1 term to go!!!) and having no idea how I'm going to get through everything that I need to before it does, particularly because most of my students seem to ALREADY be on a mental summer vacation and it's not even spring yet.

7. Having no CLUE what to do about next year. Am I teaching in Lehi? Am I teaching at all? Is my husband going to be able to find a job?

8. Feeling incredibly guilty that my house has needed to be vacuumed for the last five days and that it has yet to be done.

9. The fact that I have to pay a stinking late fee for the piece-of-crap Jane Austen's Book Club because I forgot to return it yesterday.

10. Is my body ever going to adjust to the new time change? Because seriously...I'M EXHAUSTED!

11. Wondering how I'm going to accomplish everything I need to without a lot of time this weekend, since I'm helping with the Utah State Junior Miss program.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Seriously. I'm going INSANE! All I want to do is call in sick, forget about the papers sending off bad writing vibes from the corner, and curl up in front of the television in my pajamas. Not gonna happen, unfortunately.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I would think that you can just throw the papers on your stairs. The ones at the top get "A's", the next set of steps get "B's" and so forth. I pity the papers that end up on the landing.
    Or you can try the reliable "dartboard" method.
    Just remember, "this too shall pass!"
    Dad R

  2. I am with you there 100% I feel the exact same way. Every morning I am like, can't I just be throwing up this morning for some reason so I have an excuse to stay home all day and grade papers?!?!

  3. You just need to CHILL OUT!!! I like the idea of grading papers by throwing them! I would just pray that my paper was on the top step. And you know should take a mental health day and just grade papers all day so that you don't feel as stressed. You could even get Chad to help since it is his spring break! Use your resources! But that is just my opinion! Don't stress out!

  4. I am with Meredith...use your resources...use your husband. (sorry Chad)
    The sooner you get through the papers... the sooner you get to curl up in front of the tele in your pj's. I am sure Chad would vote for that too!
    I am having a tough week too... I will trade you!

  5. Oh, Katie, here I was worrying about all my problems, and here you are going insane! I'm sorry. I definitely like your dads idea though. I think you should do it.
    Hah, with my luck, my paper would be the one on the bottom step, hahaha. :) Hang in there Katie! You're amazing.
    ps- HI KATIE!! :)

  6. Dad R,
    Since we don't have stairs in our condo, I think we will need to schedule a vacation to NC and use yours. What do you say?


    I'm thinking about the mental health day, but I think I'd rather save it to just relax rather than grade.

    I will trade as long as I can have some Bojangles when I get there =-)

  7. Karen,

    I love you!

  8. YOU.ARE. ON! Remember I have three kids! I am definitely getting the better deal!!! Yea me!

  9. I am right with you on the worrying thing. It drives Bo crazy. What do you do though? I don't have any advice. No wait, I do. Since I haven't mopped my floor for 2 weeks, you should NOT FEEL BAD about not vacuuming. As for school. . . yeah sorry, no help there. :) You can do what one of my professors did, which actually isn't good advice, and just grade the first two pages of each report and grade accordingly. That's all I got.

  10. Jared Jensen4:22 PM

    Its ok im sure you will get it all done... and by the the way, i finished 'To kill a mockingbird' and loved it. It's one of my favorite books of all time now. Good luck kate cu this weekend.

  11. now I am worried since you have not posted since the 11th.
    Where are you my Katie? I have missed you in Blogville!

  12. So did you survive through it all?


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